2459 He Was Thinking About Many Things.

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4AM, hell of a time to be uploading a comic… I fell asleep about halfway through without my breathing gear, so I woke up choking, which isn’t fun, or cool. I didn’t think I was quite so tired but I leaned over to pet Sister and was out for about an hour sleeping with my face propped up on my fist. I got screwed up and didn’t start until it was 10 PM. Anyway, whatever… I’m going to go to actual bed and see how that works out.

Patreon and whatnot links above if you still have any money left to support my work after paying for gas… It’s pretty clear a lot of you don’t now. Good luck out there. Hopefully we can meet back up on the other side of it.


Miss Pot I don’t think you have any place to call Mr Kettle over there out on thinking lewd thoughts about the ladies in the room.

I’m considering giving up Comics due to the downturn… But I’d have to be a lot worse off before I’d stop supporting my P@treon guys. Like, I’d be thinking about giving up my Warcraft subscription at that point.

At first I’d probably thin out my support to those who really need it… There are a few on my list that I really like to support, but given their P@treon numbers, they really don’t *need* my couple of bucks a month.

It may not be helping, but the sooner she can come to terms with the reality of the situation, the better. I mean, we’re guys: what else IS there to think about?

People do know that much like women we’re not attracted to everyone we meet and that we don’t spend every waking moment thinking of nothing but sex right?

I wouldn’t assume that. There was that faux-science “fact” that spread with bizarre popularity, that “men think about sex every 7 seconds”. It makes absolutely no sense, would interfere with basic thinking, and would be impossible to study besides, but quite a lot of people accepted it without any critical examination.

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