Tragically, our boy Edward is not wrong. There are already plenty of criticism channels on YouTube from people desperately hoping to be the next Whoever Is Actually Making Money on YouTube Right Now.

I know. I used to be a film critic until Amazon and its legions of commenters made my job largely moot.

In the early days of YouTube, one can easily make a channel that deals with everything and anything pop culture and get considerable views. Nowadays, the genre is saturated. In fact, you can’t expect to gain anything remotely in the hundreds of views at the least unless you resort to nepotism or sponsorship.

Ditto for Twitch. I do a gaming channel on Twitch but I’m just doing it to appease my existing audience, I don’t expect anything major due to the sheer saturation of gaming channels.

I haven’t seen too many puppet-tubers, so that could be a niche that would work for Mike. He ain’t jumping straight into the idea of vtubing which is definitely a medium far too saturated

There’s like one I know of who focuses on mostly video game stuff and is video essays. There was also one other that viewed media in general but I haven’t checked on that on in a decade. I think Reggie might enjoy it but it might end up being extra work on his end

“There’s like one I know of who focuses on mostly video game stuff and is video essays.”

The space is so small I think I know who you’re talking about. Arlo, right?

Definitely Arlo. His Nintendo stuff is pretty fascinating to watch and he provides some incredibly professional insights into the business, even if I don’t always agree with his views.

Man who defecated in Ed’s Frosted Flakes. I think Mike doing being a YouTube channel would be hilarious.

I’m actually really excited to see Mike again. He was always one of my early favorites. Years of closing shifts have given me sympathy for semi-ineffectual but good-natured manager types.

Edward’s comments aside, if Mike finds himself making negative comments about pop culture that contains “THE MESSAGE” / is not Politically Correct people will try to cancel him. It would not be unusual for people to call the store & complain about him. Mike being a POC will probably not save him. Having a small number of viewers would make it easier to ban him from twitter, instagram paypal, facebook & youtube. It is the guys with a huge following that can fight it.

I get he’s attempting to be helpful (I hope) but my mans is being SUPER negative about something that isn’t even a fully fleshed out idea yet. Like, I’m not saying you can’t let him know its a bad idea. But that level of sardonic dickatry will 100% alienate people. The only message I’m getting currently from him is to never tell him my future hobbies…like ever.

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