You’re doing all right as far as we’re concerned. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, a new strip. Maybe a few hours off sometime but that’s still light years ahead of all the strips that don’t.

You take the time you need, man. So far you haven’t dropped the ball yet. No one around here would hold it against you if you wanted to bug out for a week and get caught up.

First and most important, I’m sorry you are struggling man. I don’t have anything to offer but words and views right now, but for what its worth you can have them both. Nothing stays the same, even bad times, and caring for aging family can be *really* bad times. We lost my wife’s grandmother last year, but that was a nightmare for a while before, and it seemed like it would never end. By the time she died we were glad for the peace. For her, for us. I know you aren’t much of a bright and cheery “chin up, it’ll be better eventually” kind of guy, but it will. You’ve come this far, it’ll take more than some trouble to stop you Jackie. You’ll outlive us all :D

Second, I love how Ed seems like he is considering it at the last panel. Like Mike’s passionate delivery, and philosophy of “try new things even if it doesn’t work out” might be swaying the ever grumpy Ed. I hope they do it, even if it doesn’t work out.

As a huge Muppet fan, I would love to see between failures puppets. I think this is going to be hilarious and awesome. I think Mike’s on the right path

Your characters are living the dream. That’s beautiful man. Even though we’re all barely hanging on, there’s still dreams

Jackie, my wife and I spent 4 years living with my mom after her dementia got too bad for her to live alone any more. My wife is disabled and bedridden, so I was taking care of both of them that whole time. Luckily my general health is a lot better than yours, but the time I had pneumonia was really rough. So I really feel for what you’re going through. FWIW, you have my sympathy and my best wishes. Hang in there, man.

Mike should become a VTuber. It has a lot of opportunities for a wide variety of videos while maintaining the anonymity he’s looking for. He could even be a puppet VTuber!

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