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My parent’s 45th wedding anniversary was a weekend ago or so. I forget what day exactly. I mention this because on some level every relationship in this comic is kind of a reflection of their union. It would be hard to pick two more seemingly different people to put together, but their marriage is easily one of the most successful in our family at the very least. Growing up with that as my standard has made my relationships more difficult in some ways because my parents are outliers as far as marital success is concerned. Certainly not perfect, but as close as a human could be reasonably expected to achieve.
The Teen used to be so confused by my parents since they rarely spend time together the way her much less happy parents did. Over time she figured out how and why things worked though. With any luck the example set will help her in her marriage. One can only hope.

I figured out the exact spot on my shoulder I needed to deal with in order to get my face to stop going numb. It’s almost two feet from my head, but that’s the human body for you. Now that I’m rolling it out every so often my face feels much better and I can focus on things way better than when I’m distracted by it.
Many of my daily health rituals fell away when I was periodically looking after Grandpa and it lead to a decline in health to be sure. I’ve made an effort to reestablish those rituals and it’s very slowly rolling back the clock. With pretty significant changes to my diet my legs have stopped being swollen and unpleasant all the time. They aren’t fixed, but they don’t impede my efforts they way they had started to. Little by little I’m trying to claw my way back to some semblance of health. Would I like faster results? Of course, but I’ve come to know that relentless effort works better long term when compared to extreme bursts of it. Hopefully the damage done isn’t so much that I can’t rebound eventually. I guess we’ll all see…

If you’d like to support me in my efforts to keep making this comic, & keep not dying, please consider doing so via the links above. I would certainly appreciate it if nothing else. I’m also working on some non comic related passion projects when I can that I hope to reveal at some point this year. Of course this will always take priority. Still, I find that people enjoy things other people are passionate about so maybe you’ll enjoy these other things too once I get them made. In any case, god willing, I will see you on Wednesday. Until then, don’t let the bastards grind you down.


We might need to transition to some of the others pretty quick. This looks like another potential X-rated scene about to happen.

Glad you’re getting yourself in better shape after the season of the grandfather. Lack of exercise is a killer. Even small amounts of exercise help.I’ve related my own experience with that in a comment on the previous comic.
Good for your parents’ marriage lasting so long. I got only forty years with my wife Gwen. She died almost four years ago. Over the years sometimes she kept me going; other times I kept her going. It’s been good, and is still good to look back on.
I doubt I’ll ever have another relationship like that. For one thing, I doubt my life will last another forty years.

Would be funny if Veronica enters, smirks at Reggie, then looks at Alexander and says, “Seriously, I don’t know what you see in my brother.”

That would be funny, but we’ve seen their sibling energy, and about the first thing Vicki did was give Reggie useful advice on where Alex liked to eat, and her predilection to big, showy things.

I think it would be more like her to see this relationship founder on its own (if that were to happen) as it would give her more ammunition for future use.

He says he tries not to let his base desires rule him. But what is the human ego? It’s where the base desires come from and he let that particular mongrel off the leash a long time ago.

So, I’m a nerd. I’m a nerd of Reggie’s school of thought. I’ve gotten better (Or at least I choose to believe I did.)

TL:DR You’re absolutely and completely right, but I wanted to do a translation from Reggie to ‘sane’

Here’s how the philosophy worked with me.

Anything related to biology, hunger, fatigue, horniness, etc etc. That’s a base desire in this stupid school of thought. Anything that your body WANTS you to do, that’s a failure. Drugs, alcohol, simply pleasurable food, let alone sex? Yeah, no, all that stuff is ‘base’ and ‘human’, and a failure of personality to really want to go after.

But, anything outside of that category, stuff like enjoying music? Enjoying stories? Anything that wasn’t purely physical pleasure? That was all fair game. Bragging about a success? Bah, all good fun and merely sharing some joy, nevermind that you’re a trash storyteller so you’re actually boring your audience, and the story isn’t really that impressive. Flaunting that you figured out something before someone else? Oh, that’s not ‘bad’ in the same way as going after food or drugs is. Nevermind that it can hurt their feelings where, let’s be real, actually making sure you get 2-3 meals a day is probably a good thing.

Speaking from experience, it’s nice to actually feel wanted like that especially as a man. When a “not conventionally attractive woman” wants you like that, you better buckle up because you’re in for one heck of a ride… no pun intended. Been on that ride for the last 15 years and it can still be hard to catch one’s breath… figuratively and literally.

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