350 Woman Of Words.

Preachy?  Perhaps.  I don’t mean to mash everybody over the head with this stuff, but I hope it helps sell the humanity of the characters. 

Anyway, I know a lot of you guys like Ghostbusters so I wanted to point you to Braxtanfilm in case you hadn’t heard of it.  Hank Braxtan makes pretty good fanfilms.  Watch Freddy VS. Ghostbusters, then The Return Of The Ghostbusters.  It’s a good time. 


Freddy VS Ghostbusters was great work on Braxtan’s part. It inspired some friends to make proton packs and full costumes last halloween.

As funny as it sounds, Nina and Ed aren’t striking me as preachy, not at all. I agree with the implied statement that smaller bookstores are a better place in general.


That is one heck of a woman. Reminds me of my ex, she loved books, mostly romance novels though, couldn’t get enough of them….or her cats for that matter.


In light of the conversation they’re having I was mildly amused to notice the numbers in their ears in the first two panels are 9 and 5.

Ed might not be right at this point in time but who knows, in ten or more years time, paper books could develop a cult following like vinyl records have these days.

A 20 years ago there were dozens of book stores in our citties, now there’s only few left, but they aren’t completely gone, in my citty there are also some second hand bookshops.

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