518 Acting!

The other night I had a dream that took place in a setting I’ve been in before.  It’s a chimera of places I’ve worked at.  I went back to work there and everyone was pleased to have me return.  The weird thing was that at one point we had a sing along and I played a song I wrote.  The guitar I was playing looked like a regular old guitar, but it sounded like a steel guitar.  It was played happy though, so it sounded more metal than country.  You’re just going to have to take my word for it, I know it sounds impossible.  The thing is I don’t play any instruments, so I can’t replicate the tune, even thought I can remember it.  I recorded myself whistling it so I wouldn’t forget.  It was still very clear in my mind when I woke up.  I’ve had several dreams where I’m really good at doing something like playing an instrument, and the songs are original as far as I know, but I’m powerless to replicate them.


lol reminds me of the reversal i use when someone says im acting stupid, “at least I’M only acting”.

Is the text not wrapping properly here? The spacing seems off. Anyway I think you have humanized Mike for the readers as well, keep up the good work.

I would like to commend you on a job well done. I’m a reader you’ve picked up only in the past month or so, and I have no idea how I even ended up here to be honest. I really like your strip and while your pacing is glacially slow (Still only on the second day in 500+ strips?) I find I still care about your characters. Well done writing them to be acceptable people.

Ever had a dream where you’ve seen a colour and you just can’t explain it to anyone?

I hate those kinda dreams.

Learn to play a piano. They’re so easy to make chords on, it’s silly. Then you can play all of these incredible songs that your id has been writing for you.

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