519 Not Really.

So, at long last, the fountain goddess in Animal Crossing gave me a golden axe.  As far as I know its only power is that it doesn’t break.  The same power as a silver axe, of which I have 3.  My town has achieved perfection, so I really have no reason to even use an axe, but if I did I could dazzle other lumberjacks with my magical axe.  Blue ox not included. 

The scene played out pretty much like it did hen I got the first silver axe.  I wasn’t even looking at the screen.  I was just speeding through the spiel I’ve heard hundreds of times right up until she handed me the new axe.  If my avatar hadn’t done the happy dance I might not have even known until I checked my inventory. 

In other news, if you want to hear one of my personal paranormal experiences you can do so by downloading Anything Ghost #100 at anythinghost.com .  It’s quite short, and towards the end of the podcast, but it is a true experience.


awesome i will definitely have to listen to that in the morning. i find the paranormal interesting as i myself have had random bursts of insight similar to esp.

Oooo, shiny new banner, with adorable buck teeth!

Looks like Nina had to lean in to get in the picture, though. She put away her tallerness.

Your great grandfather, eh? I feel as if sometimes I’ve had similar sensations, but I’ve generally rationalized it as a bodily twitch, or some such, though occasionally I do grow suspicious of whether or not I have just raised my arm by my command of the tendons within it, or some other cause. The body is a strange thing.
I never knew my great grandfathers, and while my mother’s father died when i was three, my father’s father died when my father was twelve, so the closest thing to grandparents for me are my direct parents because they had me so late. It’s all a bit odd to me whenever I talk to almost anyone about their family, because of all of my siblings, and my lack of grandparents.

you werent kidding about being mean what with his last act on earth was to punch you in the chest as a ghost. side note Lex has a rather sleepy monotone for this kinda thing.

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