yes I would not mind more pages from the puppets randomly showing up from time to time. I thought their presence was hilarious and this one is no exception

Please don’t feel the need to try and “do better.” This is honestly one of my favorite things that you’ve ever added to your comic.

If the puppet theatre were a legit TikTok or YouTube channel, I’d be watching it every single day. And I love seeing what each type of character has as an idea for their puppet!

I have been a long time reader, and I have never regretted having this comic in my list. You adding these puppets leaves me a little concerned because I love your characters (and Jo is by far my favorite) but somehow you have made it so a group of puppets are my second favorites by a long shot, and I dont know how to feel about loving their felty glory XD I would read a comic that was JUST the puppet shenanigans.

“I am almost ashamed at how amusing I find this stupid premise.”

There are a few vids going around Broadcast Veterans Twitter about unwilling TV people out in 0F storms this week.

This strip is a hoot and a half.

I found the puppet antics a bit kitschy at first, but they REALLY grew on me. This comic in particular is just awesome.

This is a puppet news flash!

DATELINE COLUMBIA: Locals in a fishing village 10 miles south of Bogota have stumbled upon a massive deposit of emeralds. While nothing as of yet has been set in stone, the Columbian mining industry is expecting a major boom-

*news studio explodes*

Honestly, I love the idea of seeing the puppet strips anytime you have a fun joke that wouldn’t work with the characters. Puppets are always funny.

I literally laughed out loud. I miss the regular strip, but the puppets with Ed, Mike, and Jess are hilarious.

Was Pamanda imitating the KWWL Sports Reporter that was pressed into blizzard duty in Waterloo IA? Mark Woodley has either made his career or cratered it.


I bet you could make a whole weeks worth of strips from this premise. And I will laugh and laugh.

I had already written this before those clips started going viral, so it’s just a coincidence. It was a local news report that made me think of it originally.

I’m sorry to need to complain, but I really felt I had to get this off my chest.

While I’m not abreast of the latest trends, I wouldn’t have thought you cupable of such an affront to decency and I urge you stop this insensitive titting about.
Why even the most uncouth boob would think this brazen exploitation is funny is beyond me — losing one bosom buddy is already a tragedy, so milking the loss of a pair is udderly despicable.

It is not stupid at all. I love your regular work, but if you stopped your storyline and dedicated yourself to just puppet stuff from now, while I would miss it, I wouldn’t complain either lol

You are always awesome no matter what you do =)

My Christmas weekend wasn’t the happiest. So to have this to make me chuckle after a miserable holiday was perfect. This comic has never ceased to entertain me in some form or another. You’re doing well Jackie, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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