Why waste time working when you can be an assmunch? Two fiteen minute breaks aren’t nearly enough time for dipshittery.

You know…yeah, Reggie can be a dick sometimes, but I feel like at this point everyone else always starts it. Like in this part, he starts off by telling him broadcasting it around the story was stupid, and then John accuses him of calling the cops and tells him he’s going to kick his ass. I mean, of course Reggie is going to get mad if you are always jumping his ass.

Earlier, Jo called him Hitler when he was buying her a soda too. AND, the first time Ed met Reggie he literally called him a retard without any provocation because he was wearing a name tag.

He seems to kind of have a motto of “he doesn’t really start shit, but he sure as hell does finish it.” Then people bitch about him getting snappy when they call him retard and Hitler and shit.

He’s…actually not THAT bad a guy. Better than this new dick at the very least.

It depends. If John’s right, and Reggie notified the cops while he was on shift, then John didn’t ¨start it¨. He just brought it back home to roost. This goes double if John had gotten the idea to go ghost hunting that night because Reggie had decided to make up the tale and told John about it without any special prompting.

In Ed’s defense, REggiE’s name badge has a rather unexpected pattern of capital and lower case letters for something made by someone who is at least 15 years old and of normal intelligence. Also, Ed specifically said that Reggie *wasn’t* retarded – but he had thought he was. More or less a hard core version of, ¨Your hand-crafted name badge makes you look retarded.¨ Note that there is a difference between appearing to be a thing and being that thing. For another example of that, most of the ¨superheroes¨ at Comicon cannot fly, despite the fact they look very much like superheroes who are well known for their flight powers.

All that said, yeah, I agree Wes is worse, and that’s even before we have proof that he’s actually a thief. (At least, to my knowledge, Reggie has not been two-faced, and has not used language about his coworkers that was as hateful as what Wes used, while knowing so little about them.)

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