591 Squeak.

Well, I haven’t quite managed to fix the logo.  For reasons I can’t explain my image won’t appear there properly.  I’m getting closer though…

Also, to those of you who read on the RSS feed, I’m working on a solution that will please all parties involved.  I hope you can tolerate coming to the site to read until I can fix things.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t got the art posts set to live in their own area either yet.  I totally thought I knew how, but apparently not so much.

Apart from these things nothing of note has happened to me recently.  I’ve just been playing Pokemon, Plants Vs. Zombies, and Animal Crossing as time allows.  I finally raised a bad ass Absol, which I wanted to do since they first appeared.  His name is Void.


There’s no preview, much less a visible image, on a lot of the RSS comics that I read. Means I simply go to the site to read them. No big deal. Are people really complaining?


Credit where it’s due, Reggie is very consistent in his assholery. Guy doesn’t let up for a second.

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