That cements it for me — they’ve found Jimmy!

(How’s that rate on the ol’ obscurometer?

Dangit, I was about to make that reference.

So…not as high as you might think?

Stop Hoffa-ing those fumes. You’re going to attract conspiracy theorists.

I’m getting a little mad, here.
If people keep telling these kinds of jokes, I’m going to lose my teamster.

If you want out that bad, just Jimmy the lock; it pops right open.

( Hee, hee, hee! I’ve been reading too many ghost stories…and now I’m trying NOT to imagine zombie-Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse…”popping right open”.) :D

I sense an incoming “And we would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids” moment.

…that is a disturbing possibility. And disturbingly likely. But who is the Scooby in this scenario? And must we have a Scrappy for the sake of the numbers?

Would be even funnier/stranger if they find a hidden vault door and discover a bunker that may or may not have people in residence since the Kennedy years.

It’d be kinder to leave them down there, given how the world has further degenerated since then. (Oh, who am I kidding. The world’s always been messed up to the same degree.)

If you haven’t tried reinstalling the driver already:

Reinstall the Surface Cover driver (does not apply to Surface Laptop)
Select the search box in the taskbar, enter device manager, and select Device Manager in the results.
Expand Keyboards.
Right-click Surface Type Cover Filter Device.
Select Uninstall > OK.
Restart your Surface.

I hear ya on the internet being bogged down by ridiculous sites. It used to be sooo easy to just search for something and get it in a few clicks. With each passing year, the internet gets more and more shitty. It’s a shame.

So, wait…no one’s been down there in ages, but there’s very little dust and the floor looks almost new?

Though really, I think Reggie might have missed his calling. Get him out of the retail jungle and make this mofo a building inspector.

Hmm. Knows when things are wrong, but doesn’t have to construct things and make them work.


He also has the peace of mind to differentiate the “That is not code – fail and go to jail” from the “that’s not good, might want to get that fixed”. Sadly that is a quality lacking in a disproportionately large percentage of inspectors out there in The Real World tm.

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