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I don’t think there was any doubt that Reggie is his father’s son. It hasn’t been said, because how often do you introduce yourself to you parent formally in conversation, but Reggie’s father’s name is Garret William Boothe. Somebody can add it to the wiki if they want to now. I was surprised by how funny everyone thought the previous page was. To me it seemed humorous, but in the usual way. I wonder if the stress of current events made people more likely to enjoy a moment of wry humor than normal. Either way, I’m glad it was well received. Reggie being casually mean about mundane things amuses me very much, which is why he’ll probably always be socially awkward. It brings me joy.

*Election talk trigger warning*
I’d like to apologize to any Trump supporters in the audience. I made a guess about the outcome of the election & by doing so collapsed the waveform with my inability to accurately guess the outcome of elections. It was wrong of me to tip the scales with my bad luck. I didn’t intend to tamper with the results, but I just wasn’t thinking. Maybe by apologizing the scales will swing the other way. No matter who you support, it was wrong of me to express an opinion. I should have remained silent, even though silence is violence. I’ll nip off & shoot myself at the earliest possible convenience to atone for my sins.


Hey man, those ghosts are trying as hard as they can.

The problem with being a ghost? Its a dead end job.

As a dirty foreigner hacking in through teh tubes, your apology doesn’t apply to me, but I gotta say, I don’t think you need to apologize for anything. You stated an opinion, in your house, and did it *after* voting ended. Which is when your potential influence on the outcome of the matter ended as well. The waves are still moving and their form has not yet collapsed to a specific outcome. We *think* we know the outcome, but we don’t *know* the outcome.

Good luck and stay safe and healthy to us all.

I agree: don’t apologize for having an opinion. And I say that as a Trump supporter (hey, I KNOW he’s a bloviating buffoon, but at least he can string two words together coherently.)

Two words, sure, but can he keep on topic for a whole sentence? His record strongly stands against him.

Of the two candidates, Biden isn’t the one with dementia. Not yet, anyway.

They both have a form of dementia, I think. But Biden is further gone. Neither one is great for the country TBH. But with my wife being from Delaware and having first hand knowledge of Biden’s lack of doing anything useful for her or her family for many many years (they’re hard working lower middle class types)…I have an innate bias. So don’t listen to me.

It’s difficult to tell because Biden has a stutter, and a lot of his stammering due to that has been misdiagnosed as dementia and hammered hard by folks mocking him for it.

I’m not fond of the guy and see him as a politically “safe” option where that means “useless” as far as actually changing anything, but his verified disability isn’t a developmental one and the rest is hypothetical due to his age.

Biden does not have a stutter. He has FOURTY SEVEN YEARS of video tape evidence that he has never had a stutter. His mistakes are obviously degeneration of his mental faculties. Whether that means he has actual dementia or otherwise isn’t my place to judge, but he obviously isn’t competent enough to be President.

I mean, he’s been talking about it at least since the 2008 election, that’s when I heard about it. Wrote an article in 2010-ish about growing up with a stutter and learning how to manage it. Another big statement in 2015 endorsing a foundation that tries to help stutterers. Plenty of interviews, both prepared and off the cuff, because he feels he can be an example to others struggling with it when stuttering is a disability that society still allows to be mocked.

There are ways to manage it. Prepared statements can be rehearsed, and words chosen to minimize the effect. You should not be surprised that the main time his stutter’s apparent is when he has to make off-the-cuff remarks or gets interrupted. The aggressive strategy of the debates was intentionally to cause that to happen, and make it seem sudden and new.

To be fair, the only reason I noticed when he started talking about those things was because I have one too. But all you need to do is google “Biden stutter” to find plenty of folks talking about it both in the present and the past.

It’s possible to hide a stutter completely when you control the distribution of videos that feature you. Record multiple times until you get one without a stutter, and then ship it. When you’re a legislator, it’s possible to do that for most of your appearances. I mean, there are absolutely a lot of legislators and council members who make public appearances and give live speeches, but not all of them do that. I can’t remember the name, but remember seeing one of them who walked that line about as fine as one could – they made their public appearances, but their public speaking was all “yes”, “no”, “thank you”, and “good night.”

When you’re a mayor, a governor, a president, or the hot spare for any of those positions, you probably can’t. Those jobs demand public appearances, so the only thing you can do is prepare and practice and hope it goes well.

As Biden has shown, it frequently won’t.

I really don’t know what you’re honestly supporting Trump on though. He’s the personification of the very things people hate upon America.

To be fair, a lot of the things people hate Americans for are also things that Americans take an almost perverse amount of pride in.

I mind people having (and expressing) an opinion a lot less when they indicate and believe that other people are entitled to opinions also. I think you and your site and your commenters are one of the best in this regard. Though I may be biased in that opinion. Its pretty much the only one I comment on anymore- considering some of the responses I’ve gotten elsewhere.

I don’t know about you Somebody but I read that apology as extreme sarcasm. I don’t think he needs to be told he did nothing wrong. XD Though I imagine he appreciates your support.

Oof. A second read through and yeah, I can see the sarcasm now. I missed it for sure the first time. How’s that expression go? Some version Poe’s Law? “A sufficiently advanced parody is indistinguishable from the real thing.”

With so much sensitivity and such around I completely missed Jackie’s sarcasm (if that is indeed such).

Parents, amIright?
Eh who’m I kidding, I’m basically my mom. Everyone sees it. But I, like Reggie and Victoria (pretty sure Victoria?) can choose to try to soften myself

Also, I don’t have jars full of dude’s semen

Please, think nothing of it.
Even the best of us, sometimes, makes a guess/forecast that can turn out wrong.

Such as- the “Dewey defeats Truman”, botched prediction, in the Harry Truman election.

Okay, I am sold on the dad. I don’t know the whole dynamic yet but he seems to genuinely care about his son and I find it extremely touching.
One of your best characters yet!

I thought the prevous comic was ordinarily insightful. But then, I would have done like Reggie and used the emf detector as to detect emf.

You are missing the point! The point is that ghosts have to be detectable because if they weren’t there couldn’t be any Drama trying to find them.. . That’s their point. If you can’t see them because they are not Fermions, and so Are incorporeal, then they must bosons, and so the EMF detector.
(Side note: if they are neither bosons nor fermions, well then,…. they’d be non-existent, and we can’t have that can we?)
(Second note: Have! Seen a ghost. And understand them as Ouspenski does, echos of an event, not spirits of the dead.)

As in…they do not exist. Not knocking anyone’s beliefs. Believe whatever you want. But until I see hard scientific and peer reviewed evidence….sorry…ghosts aren’t real. I neither hope nor hate that someone may prove my statement wrong someday. I simply await evidence. I hope that stance doesn’t offend someone. It certainly offends my wife’s aunt. Anytime she flies down to visit says we have a ghost named Victoria in our house that’s really old. I find that odd given our house was built in 1982, prior to that was open land, and the previous owners that sold it to us were the first owners…no one has ever died here to anyone’s knowledge :P

Am I a fermion or a boson? Do I exist?

Oh, fermions exist (knock on wood), and light exists, the radiometer shows that it can do work. Now if you think, then you exist. If you are just a psychic echo, there is no proof, and cannot be proof you exist, because No Thought.
Cogito Burrito Some. Plz.

Oh, don’t worry about the election discussion.

The results still aren’t clear and likely won’t be until they get back from the Supreme Court anyway.

Like was said at work the other day: we won’t know who the next President will be until Jan. 20 (Inauguration Day).

Trump supporter, don’t care that you talked about the election; I actually skimmed by it on my first read, because I came here to get away from the madness.

Which will likely continue for the next month.


I really don’t get what people like yourself honestly see in Trump though considering he’s the personification of everything bad with America.

He’s done a lot of very positive things that people forget or simply aren’t told about.

He’s cut taxes for many. Don’t believe that business Biden was spewing about “only the rich”; I barely make enough to live on with my small business, and I got a tax cut.

He’s reduced regulations. He’s improved relations with large chunks of the world. He’s been actively pursuing human traffickers…the list goes on.

And after you’ve shot yourself, do be a dear and donate your liver.

Whoever that was directed at, it is not appropriate. I respect your freedom of expression, but have lost some respect for you.

It’s a continuation of the reference that the original statement seemed to be referencing; Douglas Adam’s Restaurant at the End of the Universe. In it, the main course was a beast that would come out and assure you that it wanted you to eat it, and suggest that you try it’s liver, then at the end of the scene said that it was going to pop off and shoot itself.

Yep. A continuing aspect of me having removed my foot from my mouth just so I could prove myself the fool, before reinserting said foot solidly back in place. Oi! *gack*

Hey! Some of us like the taste of feet. Restaurant near me has sole on the menu, and soul on the music system. I don’t like it when I stick my foot in my mouth so bad I leave teeth marks on my knee. That’s bad.

I really like how this conversation is progressing between Reggie and his dad. It’s definitely moving in a promising direction, which is much better than I expected (especially given how awkwardly it started).

Your writing has really been on point lately.

Tell people what you think. SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS. Be civil but like you clearly own your voice in this comic. I don’t think anyone can accuse you of being anti LBGTQ+. Then again, that’s just my two cents.

The Professionally Offended Brigade can go after anyone for anything they damn well like. If they wanted to use “logic” and “evidence” they’d have gotten proper jobs.

Don’t feel guilty about shifting the election results. No matter which of them wins, we all lose. <3

Exactly. I don’t expect the American people to be anymore represented in 2021 than they were before. You can’t expect real representation unless everyone is politically astute and can point out political discrepancies from either party like a hawk!

Notice: at the start of all this, Reggie was leaning over his cereal bowl, and his dad was standing off – away from the table. Over the next few strips they have moved about, and are now both leaning forward toward each other. And not because of the cereal bowl, but because they are in earnest conversation with emotional connection. Like family does. That is really great cartooning, that’s art.

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