987 Balance Of Power.

When, and if, I ever meet Jeph Jaques, I think it’s fair to say I owe him a handy at the very least. A handy I will administer with a smile, while thinking of Twilight Sparkle. His kind gesture allowed me to entertain, and in some cases interact with, a lot of new people. If that’s not worth some slick palm lovin’, well, I guess I just don’t know what is… XD

In other news, my latest pony hunt continues more or less successfully. Unfortunately my inability to read the package codes on the blind bags properly has led to a few duplicate figures… >:| Four in all Metallic Applejack, Crystal Applejack, Sassaflash, and… Royal note? I forget his right name. He’s got music note thingy’s on his rump. I have a hard time making out the code stamps so I guessed on a few. 4 times my guesses were incorrect. XD

You know what else? They have sets of other characters now too. Like one with Applejak’s family and so on. Unfortunately they are more pricey, and they come with yet another exact copy of one of the primary ponies. Still… They made Granny Smith WITH HER WALKER. When has a toy ever come with a walker, I ask you? It’s just too good… I’ma have to beg borrow or steal for more ponies, son! Hopefully they bring the various sets out slowly enough that I can keep up.

You know what else? New Pokemon game! Wich I’m just not going to get right now… I still haven’t finished Conquest, and let’s face it, it’s going to be available forever, and I have no one to play with anyway, so there’s no rush. If they release a pokemon you can oly get through download that might be enough to push me over the edge, but it’s just too much right now. As much as I yern to catch them all I will bide my time… BIDE IT!


Is a handy all Jeph Jaques worth to you? Come on, man. Don’t be stingy. The guy’s at least due a shot in the mouth. I hear if you take a swig of peppermint schnapps first it goes all cold and tingly. Called a straight candy cane.

I’m kidding of course.

You should totally bend over and grab your ankles for the guy. :)

A while ago I came across a little curio shop that had two of the weirdest action figure toys for sale that I have ever seen.
1. Crazy Old Woman (complete with five mangy cats!)
2. Anal-Retentive Man (complete with a box each of disposable plastic gloves and anti-bacterial wipes (to scale)).

Walking frame? Pffft!

Is Carol wearing one of Thomas’ work shirts? No better way to hide a relationship from your fo-workers than by wearing each other’s clothes #personalexperience

She has a selection of work clothes, but as long as it’s clean no one would likely notice a difference between hers and his, since her chest would require she get a much larger size than the other girls.

Glad someone else mentioned the Genesect giveaway. I was worried I’d be the only one to say anything and look like the lame, grown ass adult Pokemon addict, lol. Basically it goes for a month after the release of B2 & W2, and can only be downloaded via one of those games. It’s basically the same thing they did with Victini with B&W.

I came here from QC, and read the entire comic from the first one over three days. I guess I’m unusual, because I like the style of comic you and Jeph draw, and I don’t have a bit of problem reading and loving both of them.

As to your intro, I just have to say that your size is definitely not a problem to some potential mates — my husband is 6’5″ and 290, and adorably cuddly. You could date if you chose to, or sign up on OKCupid or somthing, which is at least free. (And hubby has had 3 girlfriends during our marriage; I have one other long term love and had a short dalliance. Polyamory is fun!) But you have to believe you’re worth dating first. How’s that for trite advice? Heh.

Now I have to wait for updates like the rest of your public. The last couple of long comics I loved ended or will end soon. I hope you’re planning on keeping this one going for a while.

One of the QCers. This comic reminds me so much of Jeph’s, and in a great way. It’s great to see another comic that’s constantly improving, rather than starting off with a great idea and fizzling.

MORE! Three days of staying up way too late and getting drunk like a lady on wine has made me love your comic, and now I am caught up. I have to enjoy it like a commoner now, one page at a time. OH how I miss the sweet gluttonous page after page! My time twirling, twirling towards the future. but the future is now, and I salute you good sir! You have made a comic of joy and happenstance and it reminds me of when I worked at Borders Books and Music(God rest her soul.) Also to be specific, I met my wife at Borders, so that is a complement. Soo, I know we just met….but you should totally come out to the Phoenix Comic Con. We could hang out and have beers, or some other type beverage(I get a booth there http://www.KnowOnesDesings.com) Well enough ramblings from a Drunk on Wednesday, Regretful on a Thursday lad. You sir, have a good night!

Glad you had a good time reading. XD It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll see me at a convention anytime soon. I’ll have to be doing a lot better before I’ll spend money to do things that scare me. X3

I’ve just read through the archives, and I found this on a google search while looking for Nerf-This. I’ve also read QC, and I love them all!! You’re comic is amazing, and you got rid of Mike’s beard, which sucks. I’m fanboying right now, sorry sorry sorry. Anywho, keep up the awesome work! Bye bye!

The ‘While thinking about Twilight Sparkle’ line literally made me laugh out loud. I don’t do that often while alone.

Mike’s wearing a nametag! What devilry is this?!

…Also, his beard is gone. You’d think I’d have noticed that first…

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