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First things first, if you have an icon request for me, or really any important request, it is vital that you email it to me. The mail thing is up top. If you put it in the comments I will forget if I read it while I’m out. Plus, I don’t have a very good sense of time, so I get to nonessential tasks when I get to them. Having an email gives me something I can easily refer back to, and someplace to send the icon, or what have you. Just wanted to put that out there because I feel like I’ve already forgotten something.

In Pokemon news, I went ahead and got Black 2 because of the promotional givaway pokemon. >:| When I had more time to mess with it I used to just make unique legendary pokemon with hacks, but I’ve gotten out of doing it so it will take time for me to learn how again. Time I generally don’t have. Which blows because I really hate chasing stuff like this. It’s the kind of thing that made me stop collecting Transformers. Special ones you can’t get without a super hassle and tons of cash just make me mad… I used to make Mews and whatnot for my friends. No special stats, just a game generated catchable version. As far as anyone could tell they were statistically identical to a gift Mew, or whatever. I don’t like cheat pokemon that break the game, but I do think everyone should have the chance to have every pokemon. Not just people who live in big cities. That is horseshit.

I played enough of the game to get the Genesect, and it looks like a nice sequel. I even noticed that the range of monsters you can catch is much more varied at the start than previous games. That’s a nice change. Anyway, I’ll get in to it more when I have time to play it. At least I can capture chase pokemon if I need to.


I’m kinda wondering where this story arc is heading. On the one hand Carol does essentially run the place, but Thomas also seems to be growing as a person. Now that he’s with Carol I could see him taking the job if he didn’t know she wanted it.

…Drama upcoming?

I had the same “uh oh” feeling about Thomas. The higher up one of them goes, though, the more of an issue co-worker relationships becomes, so that could make both of them decline. Then we’ll get stuck with someone like Reggie! *shudder*

I think it’s because we never actually seen him smile like that, and yeah his bear missing is prob a reason too.

I don’t agree, the talk Thomas had with John about being supportive and all, he’ll root for Carol to get the job and help her out.

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