1938 Bethesda.

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Yesterday I was weirdly wide awake all day & it took a really long time to get myself to sleep when it came time to go to bed. Once I got to sleep I didn’t want to stay asleep. Then when I finally needed to get up I wanted to stay asleep. What kind of bullshit is that? My allergies are crazy bad & it has to be coming from the heater, the dogs tracking in filth, or a combination of the two. It happens year after year but nothing ever fixes it, from new filters to different drugs. There’s just some evil magic in this place that can’t be stopped.


In second panel, in Thomas’s second speech bubble miner typo. (Because is spelled Becaue :P) Love the comic check it every update and rarely miss a page. Hope your Holidays treat you well <3

I still love the comic. To be nit picky, but there should be a comma after manufacturer in the 4th panel because “as” is a preposition. I knew all those English classes would finally pay off…

And of course I get typos and grammar errors, but it should have been “not to be nit picky,”

As a native speaker who has made advanced studies in the language and taught ESL, the single word “nitpicky” is an idiom in common usage (I’d bet that most of the native speakers you asked wouldn’t even know what a “nit” is.)

Are they those little annoying balls of fibres that appear on wool sweaters …. google says those are called pills but it is the egg casings from head lice …. ewwwww ….

Poor John, being treated like freaking Rodney Dangerfield most of the time. “I’m tellin’ ya… I can’t get no respect!”

I actually spent some time with Rodney Dangerfield in a bar once, till he said,”Man, go away kid. You’re crampin’ my style!” (yes this is a lie. No, it never happened.)

As a heavy dude who also suffers horribly from allergies, I can relate. Not sure if it will work for you the way it worked for me, but I got a pair of UV light hepa air filters designed for 3 times the square footage of my bedroom, run them 24-7 at full blast, with the door closed, and it has finally made a haven where I can stop taking triple doses of allergy meds to survive.

If you are interested in giving it a shot, I can give you amazon links and throw some dough at you through Patreon so you can try. My life got a zillion times better, just having a safe bubble to sleep in

UV light and HEPA system …. link please …. I am intrigued.
I work with both in the pharmaceutical industry and each are stupid expensive if you are not a contractor.
When it comes to HEPA systems my department put in the cheaper household filters in front to extend the life of those HEPA units at $1K per ceiling tile size filter module.

What does “Bethesda” mean?

Well for me It’s a hamlet in York Region, Ontario, Canada, in the town of Whitchurch–Stouffville. The hamlet is centred at the intersection of Warden Avenue and Bethesda Road in the south-eastern region of Whitchurch–Stouffville. My brother doesn’t live all that far from there.

Google says its a Gaming company based in Maryland that published some games.

One thing about rereading this comic that’s bothering me immensely is that my voices for them are long forgotten and I have to form new ones. Jake and Thomas here is starting to sound like Rigby and Mordecai (regular show, aka my mom) for some reason.

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