1598a Team Rocket.

I really, really, needed a break. Honestly I still do, but even taking a day off was good. I thought I had a doctor’s appointment, but it turns out it was next week and I can’t go then, so I basically wasted two days for nothing. I’ve been feeling so bad so much that I’m really off schedule. More than I have been in a long time. The stress of everything is really getting to me, so if it seems like I’m flying off the handle over things keep that in mind. I’m in so much pain some days I can barely function and it takes very little to set me off. If I’ve snapped at you over something I apologize. I just feel like I’m constantly under siege and it’s coloring my world that way.

I decided to run this because it made me laugh out loud when I first saw it. Also, it will make more sense if it’s in the archive around these pages since James isn’t established as much of a character. There is the artist’s comic. Here is their art blog. Here is the youtube video that inspired it.

As long as I’m thinking about it, I’m also down $40 on Patreon for some reason. I haven’t lost enough patrons to make that difference so it must be new fees, or declined pledges, or something. So I need and combination of pledges that equals that amount. For no particular reason I decided to plant my flag an try not to lose patrons past this point. If you enjoy my work please consider it. I’m really trying to keep things together on my end and not having to worry about money constantly helps a lot. Here’s the link, you can also click on Nina in the sidebar. I’m hoping to get to a point where I can pay someone to do color for me, or something. Anyway, you can get a sketch of yourself when you sign up, just be sure to pay attention and follow the directions.

I have to go get water this evening, so I’m going to go do that. Hope you enjoy the comic.



How dare you have guest comics! It isn’t like you have had the most consistent regular updates of any webcomic I’ve ever seen or anything. You are a slave to us. Now draw monkey!

I dunno man, Schlock Mercenary has been updating every day for the last 16 years I think. Even though I got bored of it and stopped reading years back, that still wins in terms of consistency.

Oh for fuck’s sake…

Was this directed at me or the other guy? If it was directed at me, I apologize if I seemed like I was entitled to a comic or some nonsense like that. Everyone deserves a solid break(though this doesn’t sound like much of one) and you owe me nothing anyways. I just appreciate the comic existing in the first place.

sarcasm and text devoid of non-verbal cues come across as crass.
yet another reason why Bill Watterson left the industry, fans feeling entitled & fatigue of demands devoid of empathy or sympathy

aggrandized self-reported claim to alleged empathy:
summarized supervisor of mine:”I know you have back problems and all, but can you please sit up straight? There are important people who walk by here” :/
I get weary of explaining to folks who are unfamiliar or don’t have close family who experience genuine chronic pain why I had to cancel x, y, or z. (I have friends who are familiar with hypochondriacs)

I think he was being funny. And Ken and Kell, been running for 21 years, beats schlocky. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are others I haven’t run across.

Yeah… pretty sure you’re trying to be “funny”, but I’m pretty sure he’s heard that gag before (as has possibly every single webcomic artist in the history of the Internet)…

Hey, Jackie.

No worries, dude. You’re usually pretty open about things, so if you need a break, take it. We’ll be around :)

On comic: Jolene would be pretty good as Meowth. But she would probably outclass Team Rocket and start her own villainous group by the end of it (particularly with her own brand of ninja skills)…

Take a day — or a week — off. Any followers who are worth their salt will stay glued to their ‘pooters until you feel better and/or run out of guest art.

My memory isn’t what it used to be (what is?), so there are four appointments which are always set in my Yahoo and Google calendars on my Phone. My semimonthly Chiropractor visit, my semiannual Dental, my annual physical and annual eye appointment. I may be losing my memory, but so far, I haven’t lost my phone!

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