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Avoid getting bitten by a person. If they break the skin it’s bad news. Really getting bitten at all is best avoided. If you want to get grossed out though look up human bites. The infections you can get from a person are no joke.

What also isn’t a joke is my perpetual need to ask for support. If you enjoy my work please consider supporting it via any of the services linked above. I have to say I’ve had some very generous Canadians join up recently. To you I say “G’day mate! Thanks for helping me put shrimp on me barbie”.

I spent a big part of my day sorting boxes again. Today it was cables. Boxes of various kinds of cables I’ve saved for old game systems and stuff. I actually have a couple of extremely rare ones that probably don’t work because of age at this point, but I keep them anyway. In any event I got very tired, but I reduced the number of big boxes taking up space a little more. Just gotta keep working and holding on for better times.


Peach doesn’t bother fighting against her kidnapping, nor does she try to escape, she just waits for Mario. Daisy is willing to do both, as it’s better for her kingdom for her to not be kidnapped. Which, again, is why Peach is Evil Daisy.

I mean, Daisy DID slap Bowser into the sky in Mario Party 3. I don’t see her as toxic though, just much tougher than Peach and too impatient to deal with any of Bowser’s shenanigans.

Funny thing, before Odyssey, I saw at least one fan art of Pauline being Peach’s evil counterpart, playing up the spurned and bitter ex angle. Though it was so long ago, I don’t even remember who the artist was.

Ed must have never actually played a Mario game if he thinks Peach isn’t a pushover.

Daisy is the evil version of Peach. She is like, 100X more evil. But Peach is a purfwect little angel so Daisy ain’t got much to work with.

As for possible reasons why Daisy ain’t ever been kidnapped:
1) Daisy beats up Bowser.
2) Daisy escapes from Bowser.
3) Daisy will get kidnapped after Peach has been successfully kidnapped and stays kidnapped.
4) Daisy has no magic. Bowser kidnaps Peach to drain her of her magic (official reason).

Peach is only a pushover if she wants to be. She’s strangely inconsistent.

No one will ever be able to convince me that Peach isn’t into BDSM. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense.

Is that why she still hasn’t married Mario? Because she’s secretly hoping Bowser will pop the big question as only he can fulfill her appetites?

I threw out a box of old cables a few months ago. They were various older types I figured I’d never use again, and I was trying to de-clutter the place a little. Then about two weeks ago, I actually needed a VGA cable, only to realize I didn’t have any.

I can accept Daisy as Peach’s opposite. That does NOT make Daisy Evil Peach. That would imply Peach, the Royal who lives in a giant castle while the majority of the population doesn’t even have huts in the war torn land, is somehow Good. Diplomatic? Yes. Nice? Maybe. Good? Neutral at best.

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