1324 Inside Story.

I certainly empathize with Neil. Although my outer beauty is as questionable as my inner beauty. XD

I don’t know if you guys do much shopping on Amazon, but I do quite a bit. I’ve noticed that there seems to be some company that makes cheap electronics, of questionable pedigree, that distributes to hundreds of nameless sellers on that site. I’ve never been able to track down where the stuff comes from, but the various listings are identical, apart from a few typos, or what have you. I’ve purchased some of these things and the quality varies wildly from item to item. The two tiny radio transmitters have worked quite well for the price, but the Bluetooth speaker I tried not so much. They have to be Asian knock offs I suppose, but it’s very difficult to actually track them to any place specifically. It’s not even important really, I just was thinking about it and tried to follow the stuff back to some sort of source and couldn’t find one. The items themselves rarely have any markings on them at all. On purpose, I shouldn’t wonder. Anyway, the site is kind of chocked with duplicate entries of items like that. I was thinking of it because I was looking for something interesting for gift giving this year. In the end I gave it up and the Teen dragged me to town where I forced her to manage my list. My cousins are obsessed with procreation, so every year my list gets longer.

I’ve dabbled in the writing of spine shivering tales again. If you want to take a look please follow this link: Aaron Is Dead.

Teen Corner.
topic of my day the best seasoning for foods? clearly laziness, food taste way better when others make it. me and Jackie just discussed this so I figured I would share it with you peeps. I am currently eating my late night dinner mac and cheese which tastes awesome because I didn’t have to cook it lol I might have a hot pocket to the teen is feeling very hungry. I don’t want to return to school because people suck I’d much rather sit at home and play games. speaking of Jackie bought me a new ps3 game called contrast and I played it for half the day pretty cool game but very weird to and a bit confusing. I am still a single pringle and I believe I’m going to be for awhile I know not all of you approve of the ex I’m looking to get back but he has a unique situation that he’s dealing with and the relationship plus my problems and his were to much for him which is why the break happened and you may not all understand but I get it, it just sucks…but fuck it I’m a teen live life to the fullest right? this month is rough for me but in honor of my dad I’m determined to make the best of it and have a great Christmas I hope the rest of my family will to. I’m having all kinds of ups and downs lately but I’m still smiling and staying strong like everyone should even if life does suck a bit. I’ve been wrapping presents constantly and I forced Jackie to do his Christmas shopping last night which was um fun I guess. I really have the urge to go kill zombie’s right now so think I’ll slip in a quick game of black ops 2 with Jackie before bed. teen out son!


Neil should become a permanent cast member. Is Reggie supposed to be physically attractive, or is Bridgette just a sucker for nice eyes?

I have a friend with ample “tracts of land” who insists I comment on them from time to time because she semi-shamelessly objectifies my eyes. I think I’m kinda goofy lookin’.

If you want an idea of what Reggie would look like in real life look up Robert James-Collier. He basically looks like what I imagine Reggie to look like.

Don’t feel too bad, Neil. They said they need MORE hot guys. You can’t keep all the goodies to yourself, after all…

Dear Teen: Cinnamon Sugar or Sharp Cheddar Cheese. But if you really want to make any meal taste good, eat rehydrated food for a week while spending 6-8 hours a day hiking, and then eat the meal afterwards.

The worst thing I ever did culinary wise was purchase a Costco sized jar of “Emeril Essential Spices” when his tv show was the big thing on Food Network. It sits to this day rarely used because it’s salty as hell and has a shelf life of a Twinkie.

These days, salt, pepper, lemon pepper, and paprika are the spices I use. If I want something spicy, chilis works well. I don’t like jalopeƱos.

Funny you should mention mac&cheese in conjunction with spices. One thing we discovered as poor college students is that you can make repeated meals of mac&cheese more acceptable by adding various spices to it – different each time. One time it might be Cajun, another time chili, another time just fresh ground black pepper, another time Italian. Get a variety of fairly inexpensive spices and you can eat mac&cheese for nearly every meal without getting tired of it.
Of course I’m not saying how *healthy* (or un-healthy) that might be…

…and powdered garlic. Our food quote in college: “You can’t have too much garlic.”

You saved me the trouble of mentioning this essential spice, not just for mac and cheese either. There’s a reason why Tahor Joe’s has “garlic mashed potatoes” on the menu. :)

Minced and fresh garlic have their place too. Gotta catch ’em all…

Hey!, am sure neil is not that bad of a person, he’s certainly my kinda type and it should requirerer ALOT of twisted personality for me to care too much negatively about them, like on a mental unstable type…..hmmmm, when i think about it, depends on the serverity and all so it likely i would still try get together with someone even if they where…..

Tries to think a reason why i would not date someone, but is hard and the only thing i can come up with at the moment are un-serious ones who do activities that would be classified as “cheating” which despise me more then anything else that can despise me..

Aaaaand as a footnote, am a guy sooo not sure how much i have to say really from the gurls POV:-P

They’re probably telling the truth about Neil, but DANG, it’s gotta hurt to hear that! : )

I have the feeling that he is the type of person to entirely agree with their sentiment. As long as they acknowledge that he is in fact hot.

You can probably identify where they’re from, from the electronics inside.

Asia – the PRC in particular – is notorious for copying electronics and selling cheap knockoffs without paying royalties to the patent or trademark owners. A word of caution – if the electronics hook up to your computer, be VERY, VERY careful about buying an off-brand or knock-off. A lot of the electronics coming out of the PRC have malware like keystroke loggers and backdoors that “phone home” embedded in the firmware or sometimes even hardware. Connecting them to your computer can give someone in Shanghai (or elsewhere in the PRC) control of your computer. They are intended to compromise company computers but you can also find your computer used as part of a bot-network or relay point for some hacker.

Honestly trying not to be hurtful, but you are often saying you have a problem with your weight, but then talk about rewarding the teen with McDonalds and other junk food? It’s one thing to have poor impulse control, but it’s another to get someone else into bad habits…

I don’t like your tone, or what you are clearly implying. Her habits were, unfortunately, set long before she was remanded to my care. I’ve done what I can to minimize that damage, but it has been done. Don’t come here accusing me of bad parenting. I went from zero to a fifteen year old IN A FUCKING HEARTBEAT. Were she my actual child most of the problems she has wouldn’t be an issue because I wouldn’t have brought the temptations into the mix in the first place. If you want to talk about that you can talk to her parents. OH WAIT, YOU CAN’T. Her father is dead and her mother may as well be. I guess all she has is the rest of us, who have been trying to improve her life while it fell down around her. Not trying to be hurtful… What a joke.

Jackie – I’m sure I speak for a lot of your readers when I commend you for taking in the teen to provide her with a positive environment. You clearly are imperfect – but all of us are. I don’t get the impression that you are forcing a steady diet of high-fat McDonalds food on the teen. The last I heard from dietitians, the occasional visit to Mickey-Dees was not all that bad, it’s the constant consumption of bad foods coupled with lack of exercise that gets you. The teen may be spending a fair amount of time killing zombies, but the last time I was in a high school it looked like just getting around tended to provide a fair amount of physical activity. Dragging your sorry butt to go shopping also demonstrates a reasonable level of physical activity by the teen. Teenage years also tend to be ones of higher metabolism, so fatty foods are not as detrimental to them as to us old fogeys.
Bottom line – Kudos to you Jackie for what you are doing for the teen.

… and for the teen…
Still really enjoying your “teen corner”. I wish we (the readers) had a perfect solution for your romantic dramas, but the reality is that what you are going through is pretty typical for the teen years. It’s really comforting to have the companionship of a boyfriend – especially one you really like and care about, but keep in mind that we usually look at the teen years as a time to work on maturing, not a time when we are already mature. You just keep plugging along learning how to cope with disappointments and challenges and relationships. Even those who are supposedly “adults” keep struggling with those things. Part of becoming an adult is to learn that you are not alone in trying to figure it all out – you are not a freak and different from everyone else in your anxieties. Just keep focusing on being the best you that you can be and treating other people the way you wish they would treat you. Hopefully eventually you can find someone who is also trying to be the best person they know how to be and who values you for who you are and is willing to invest in helping you. Very few teens fall into that category so don’t be disappointed if your would-be boyfriend is still trying to figure things out too. Just enjoy what time you can with him and keep being supportive without dragging yourself down in the process.

… Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night …

Jackie really is a great cousin and is always there for me. I may joke and call him a filthy adult but it’s just that a joke. He’s a good guy. And I’m glad you still enjoy my drama filled teen corner. I enjoy writing for all you peeps still. Thanks for the advice I appreciate it


As someone who has worked with various families in the past that have had teens in similar (not exactly the same, of course) situations, I can make a good guess that Jackie has accepted an intense responsibility, and McDonalds is the least of his problems. You seem like a hell of a guy, Jackie, keep it up!

Crave clearly stated that McD’s was a REWARD.
As in a NOT daily occurrence, Tc.
Are You familiar with the concept of a reward?

Jackie doesn’t drag me into his “bad habits” if anything I drag him into mine. I like junk food I’m a kid what do you expect? I’m not a skinny twig girl who only diets and eats salad and I don’t have a fast metabolism. I eat what I want and I accept that I’m fat. End of story thanks for the concer but you expressed it very poorly and blamed Jackie for something that isn’t his fault. He’s a great cousin and helps me a lot next time if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything. Thanks.

Damn Neil you must be a real scumbag.

I think the funny part is that they’re betting on Reggie being a nice guy while he’s busy making fat jokes at the expense of one of them. For a given definition of funny, mind you.

Now we get to find out if the recent run-ins Reggie’s had with Brooksie and Nina (“You need to learn when to stop talking”) will make him able to create and maintain a relationship. Or if, like most bullies, keeps blaming everything on somebody else. The ship is sailing into the harbor. Will he board ‘er or sink ‘er?

Is Contrast great? It looked great when I first saw it on the Xbox Live Market. Unfortunately I can’t afford to go around buying every little game that comes along.

It was on sale for $6 on the playstation store. Also if the kid shows interest in anything outside her normal set of likes I try to indulge her.

Contrast is a pretty good game but it doesn’t exactly explain why you’re doing what your doing or how to do it but still I like it pretty well ecspecially for the price

Amazon is the safer bet for most things since Amazon actually does try to monitor what gets sold on the site. They have a reputation they’d like to uphold if at all possible.

Glad to hear the Teen is as wise as she demanding of you Crave. It is the cycle of life to be devoured and replaced by the younger generation. Good to see you embrace it with all the tenacity of a middle-aged youth.

What you’re seeing on Amazon is the effect of what are called contract manufacturers. They either manufacture a product according to a spec for another business, or they offer common designs for other companies to slap their logo on. So when you go looking for say, a speaker, you get dozens of no-name companies selling a speaker that looks like all the rest. It’s super common if you’re looking for adapters to turn one computer interface into another, like for hard drives, or peripherals.

Sometimes you can avoid this by only picking products that don’t look like anybody else’s. But that’s not always reliable. Or just stick to names you know.

Okay everyone! Place your bets! Let’s figure out what kind of fursonas these new peeps might have.

Bridgette strikes me immediately as a rodent type. Mouse or Hamster, maybe even Squirrel. Definitely a prey rather than predator.

I feel like Neil aims for one of the more exotic forms. Maybe a bat, or a reptile.

assuming she really is mousy in characteristics and her apparent dislike for neil, I would be a ferret or raccoon?

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