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I’m glad I’m not a rabid Star Trek fan.  When I saw the new trailer I didn’t have to go through a range of emotions like a real fan would.  I was able to just enjoy it with my limited knowledge of the original series. 

Strangely enough Tivo has been bringing me old Trek to watch every so often.  It’s almost got me convinced to actually start watching it in earnest.  I wonder if watching more of it will make me like the new movie less.  I’m guessing no. 

I went through the rabid fan syndrome when Transformers: Beast Wars came out.  Eventually I put aside my preconceptions and realized that Beast Wars was really cool.  I’m slightly less opposed to changes to the formula, when it comes to my favorite shows, now.  Still, I can understand where hardcore Trek fans are coming from.  The new is scary. 


You probably already saw my response to seeing the trailer on my dA journal.

The reason why the Beast Wars analogy doesn’t work for me is that Beast Wars never claimed that there were the same characters as the original series (even if some had the same names) so it was fine for them to be “out of character.” But what I don’t see how the characters in that trailer are supposed to become the crew we see in the series. My roommate, who is a hardcore trek fan, can’t stand it because things just in that little bit of the trailer go against “established” histories. I don’t care about that, I just wish I wasn’t compelled to call this new movie “Small Trek” or maybe “Starville.”

Nina is beautiful, isn’t she? And tall. Wow, tall…

But Reggie’s jerkitude is showing, since he doesn’t shower nearly as much praise on his ample supervisor or the energetic Jo.

Dude, Beast Wars IS awesome. Took me some time to like it too, but once you realize they are honoring the original, it’s a great show. And Reggie can go suck an egg

Beast Wars WAS cool until the season where they went to “the future” or whatever. “I am transformed!” ?!?!?! Bah humbug. After that I didn’t worry about recording it on my VCR..

There’s a new star trek movie??????

I’m a rabid Escaflowne fan. If there was another movie, I would be hopping up and down and practically screaming in delight. There’s a series out called Aquarion that gets back the original staff (mostly) from Escaflowne and it even seems to have some strange ties to Escaflowne though I can’t find them anymore. ^^;

I’m not a rabbid Trekie either. I, like you, only know the basics of Star Trek, names, a few facts, and the vulcan hand thing, but I am rather intersested to see the film any way. I know that Leonard Nemoy will be reprising his role, and I feel a sense of duty (as a fanboy of things) to watch it (if I get around to it).

And oh no! Reggie’s hitting on Ed’s soon to be woman! :O

Ah, Beast Wars. Brings back old memories (like, when I was a kid, lol). I loved that show, too, but when they did that future thing, it just kinda went downhill.

As for Star Trek, I am the daughter of two minor Trekkies (meaning they probably won’t care if the new movie holds too much to the original series), and am a minor Trekkie myself. I didn’t like all of the spinoffs, but Enterprise (or whichever one had Patrick Stewart in it) and Deep Space 9 were my faves.

P.S. Patrick Stewart is HAWT. Old, but hawt. ;)

Man, even I remember beast wars. Course I was a kid not too interested in Transformers, at least not deeply. I thought the show was great, but I barely remember it.

Star Trek Trailer? Ooo Point me in the direction where I may see this.

BTW I’m sure someone knows here, what are the other Star Trek Movies? Not including the….seven with Kirk… Seven, that sounds about right, I know Khan is the fifth I think…Sorry, thinking aloud again.

I see Reggie didn’t bother spending points in the Pick Up Hint or Get Clue skills…

I don’t think Ed will have to fight Reggie over Nina, since she obviously thinks he’s a creepy putz. Plus, I’m pretty sure she could kick his ass without Ed’s help.

Though thinking about it, I would not be surprised or disappointed should any character we’ve seen so far decide to punch in his smarmy face.

i would consider myself a mid level trekkie fan, i have some friends that are completely off the deep end on fandom and i use to tag along on their wacky antics.. even got an ‘official’ starfleet lt. commander plaque hanging on my wall. if anything im more of a fan of sci-fi in general, as much of it predicts the survival of humanity in some form or another… which gives me hope, its a strage place to get it i know, but meh.
anywho, i certainly dont think that they’re trying to play 100% to cannon on this movie… or maybe it will be. see, the thing that you have to remember about time, and sci fi in general is anytime you introduce the option of time travel, cannon in its original form can still be kept to be true, as can the new events. time travel in the past as always been an easy way to ask the question what if? and not piss off the general pop.
if anything, i hope that this movie succeeds, one, because im gonna go pay to see it anyways, and two, sci fi is slowly dying.. star wars is moving to a much more animated style, directed more towards children and loosing much of the science fiction, movie series testers like the latest x-files movies not doing so hot, and series like first wave and firefly long dead, the execs of these companies are seeing more profit in standard reality-tv and b-rate movies.
the only strong sci fi anything i see out there anymore is stargate… but upn/ sci fi channel is losing its love for us series lovers.. where as fantasy movie series like lotr and pirates have produced far more than expected, if theres any hope to save the legacy of roddenberry it will have to be done in the theater, and with this new direction it is possible that we could very much see more trek in the theaters and by association and profit perhapse other good sci-fi series reborn.

so, this trek movie isnt so much a movie as it is a legacy… a potential igniting flame that, in conjunction with other series and even games like sgw and sto, could bring back the demand for science fiction… what will this future hold for us long time sci-fi lovers? who knows… i just hope it doesnt end with us.

The thought of a new Star Trek movie is almost as disgusting as the thought of a live-action Dragonball movie. Go ahead. IMDB it.

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