379 Lady Ace Adventures.

I’m excited for the new Animal Crossing game.  I realize that it’s probably going to be more of the same old thing, but I don’t care.  Wandering around in a town full of animals makes me happy.  It also makes me sleepy, which is an odd thing to list as a bonus. 

I still have my original Animal Crossing town, and the animals still remember the friends who used to play it with me.  It’s like a little weed covered time capsule. 

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I’m the only person in my current circle of friends who actually plays Animal Crossing: City Folk.  While everyone else fights for the Horde, or Alliance, I will give presents to anthopamorphic cats. 

Clearly there is something wrong with me. 


I’m floating the same boat. While I was picking up my copy of Town Folk, all my friends were picking up Lich King. And the worst part is, I still can’t explain why I enjoy the Animal Crossing so much.

clearly there is… at the risk of getting beaten I’m going to say that the game does the sucking of the balls very well. On the other hand I”m currently a Pokémon red rescue team slave… That doesn’t mean the game makes any sence to me,.
Damn you Nintendo! they weren’t supposed to talk.

And why shouldn’t he be neutered? He isn’t going to be using em anytime soon, we all know that.

Post-Script: FOR THE HORDE!

I saw something interesting about 2 weeks ago. It was a demonstration video of Wii Music. It had Shigeru Miyamoto and two other guys. The one guy he introduced was a major composer for Nintendo. Shigeru asked if anyone had played Animal Crossing, and then asked if they remember K.K. Rider. He then pointed at the composer and said “That’s him. He even looks like him.” and it was true. K. K. Rider looked exactly like the composer for Nintendo.

I loved playing Animal Crossing, but had to make myself stop. When I realized I was basically playing a game about doing everyday things (well, sort of) instead of actually DOING everyday things, I figured there was a problem. :P Also, I was beginning to feel like an errand-girl.

Snooty cat: I’m stuck up and lazy, go get me some very specific, hard-to-catch fish!
Me: Okay. *fish for a few hours (real time)* Here you go!
Snooty cat: Well, I guess this will do. Here, have this thing that I don’t want anymore.
Me; Yay!–Wait a sec, what time is it?! Crap!

I’d be playing both games, but World of Warcraft is sucking up my life. AGAIN. Once you play it, you always go back. Like some sort of addiction. Hoho, I bought Wild World, maybe someone will get me City Folk for Christmas. Hell, I might buy it just to see Resetti with legs.

…. Think that is strange?

Try playing a 2nd or 3rd hand copy of Animal Crossing (GC version)…. complete with memory cartridge passed from one hand to the next.
O’course I started my own game on a different cartridge, but I travelled to the town on the old cartridge to investigate and scavenge (totally changes the feel of the game)…. and ended up adopting several animals from that town into my own… who kept going on about James and Neil …. and I had no clue who they were supposed to be… nor Howard. The previous owner must have got about a fair bit.

I actually got in an argument with one cat I’d been showing favour toward because she started going on and on about James and how he had been so lovely to her and why couldn’t I be more like him?
I decided I’d had enough of that crap in real life to get it from a game too, and quit playing.

The imagery of an asshat is strangely compelling…. and disturbing. No doubt this is something William S. Burroughs covered. :()

“You asshat…”

“My minion has escaped!”

“Found and neutralized.”

Lady Ace is so badass I can’t take it anymore!

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