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Evrina may be crass & unruly, but she does have a plan. This kind of stuff happens in Shokugeki No Soma (Food Wars) all the time. They bring out a dish & it seems kind of pedestrian, but then the secret thing is revealed. The comic is always explaining food things in very complex ways & my brain basically tunes it out. It’s the same as any competition manga. There’s the thing you do, the opponent scoffs, THEN YOU ACTIVATE YOUR TRAP CARD! It’s a formula that works.


I already have enough items to read/watch, and now you’ve increased it by one!

And I can’t imagine what Evrina has done, but I want to taste it.

Fair warning: the word “foodgasm” is taken literally and happens often.
More fair warning: I dunno if I’m the only one, but I tend to refer to Shokugeki no Soma as “Food-Gi-Oh!” fairly regularly, because that’s sorta how it rolls.
Still more fair warning: It will make you hungry.

If it is Miracle Berry juice, it should work for half an hour if you coat your tongue properly with it.

The way I understand it, that should not be combined with anything actually sweet, as it would then become overwhelmingly sweet. Never tried it, though.

I can imagine but can Miracle Berries work even against sour-bomb candies?

Coming out of lurk mode to say, yes, they work on sour-bomb candies. They also make straight lemon juice from the bottle taste like the best lemonade ever.

You know, I’d like to scoff at this being Evrina turning on the charm, but she just manages to make it so lovable even without factoring in how good that probably tastes.

Oh geez, shokugeki. The first tournament arc dragged a little when they got into theoretical food, but it’s gotten back on the right track.

That picture of Evrina holding a tray of scrummy treats could be an avatar! Nice. I was thinking it was cold-brewed espresso, but I guess that’s kind of pedestrian for this.

I didn’t think you could have both cold-brew and espresso in the same decoction. Isn’t espresso specifically pressure+heat extracted coffee?

8D I stand corrected! Maaaaybe, it’s miraculous. Heaven, (cognisant of context) I dunno.

So the coffee shop that sells Long John 3:16’s also will whip out a deconstructed affogato?

I’m hooked.

You are the only other person I’ve read online who knows what an Affogato is…for those who don’t, it is a wee cup of espresso a la mode (French for with a little ice cream, specifically an equally wee scoop). It’s no wonder Evrina deconstructed them: there was no way to fit that much ice cream into those shot mugs.

The ice cream to espresso ratio seems skewed in favor of the ice cream – which looks like a big honking parfait; the dichotomy would get lost in the mixing of the two. Separating them allows for the full experience of the bitterness of espresso to be overcome by the overwhelming sweetness of the ice cream. A perfect culinary message to be sent an affable ex-lover.

And now for a plug for the best affogato in the world: http://poppysicecream.com/


Starbocks once had a … Hot Beverage … thing, from Spain. It came in Really Tiny cups, like an ounce and a half, two ounces tops.. Thank goodness there was so little, because after that much flavor, you’d be kinda Done with food for an hour. It was like hot cocoa would taste if it was made by angels. It was rich, a little thick to pour — not thin like milk, not thin like cream, but like heavy cream only thicker. It was thick and warm and rolled around thrilling the tongue – coating it in velvety chocolatey goodness. Dunno what it was called, and they had it for 14 days, and I had it all 14 days, and have never seen it again. It wasn’t M. Para Mesa, it wasn’t Champurrado, or horacha, it was like cocoa if it was turned up Past eleven.

I remember that, or something there very close to it, and you’ve described it exactly. But in our neck of the woods it was around for longer than two weeks.

My wife and I called it hummingbird nectar.

I believe you are referring to Chantico Drinking Chocolate. My mother managed a Starbucks at the time and I would drink them often. I miss them too.

If you want thick and sweet drinking chocolate, I recommend you buy some from Chocolat Vitale in Seattle. It’s quality chocolate, ground up so it can melt and mix with milk. My wife and I love the Venezuelan Black. We bought a set of demitasse cups just for serving this chocolate.

We have a home espresso machine, and I use the steam wand to prepare this. Measure milk and chocolate into the steaming pitcher and apply steam. It melts the chocolate and mixes well without any danger of scorching or burning.

We haven’t made this in years as we were cutting back on rich food but now I want some. So good, and a little bit sipped slowly is enough to make you happy.


Well I don’t know, the latest (translated) chapter involved Souma just straight up making a better dish.

Hadn’t really thought about it, but is it going to come out that Nina was in earlier with the brother of Evrina’s old flame who’s a friend of Jess’ new flame? lots of connections and possibilities for interesting plots-which, to be fair, is something we have always been able to count on in BF. Also, my keyboard is messing up on some letters-after I made fun of someone else on here for that very thing . Onscreen keyboard is awkward.

Funny you mention your brain tuning out details. I do that too, but now when I’m writing, I tend to wrap the action around some heavy technical stuff (e.g., how much do you want to know about rebuilding an old roof?) to see who paying attention. I sometimes get questions asking about things that happened and were perfectly explained. Two demerits and stay after class!

If its shokugeki, then we must be two strips max away from some foodgasm fanservice.


Hi Jackie,
You had mentioned on twitter, that you want to find a new thing to watch.
If you like history, + landscapes, there is- Areal America [R] tv show from the Smithsonian Channel. The show does airplane flyovers, of U.S. states.
It’s pretty good, however-it’s not all light subjects.
The show does cover some tragedies, like the [ 1930s’ ] Dust Bowl, + things like that. That’s 1 idea, anyway.

I hate you for that reference in the title. I had almost purged that from my brain. But no.

In all honesty, keep up the good work! Somehow this comic still winds up being on my list after forever. Maybe because it’s consistent and always lighthearted. Something light to come home to after the deep and heavy stories found elsewhere. Thanks!

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