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I couldn’t sleep last night for whatever reason & when I did manage to fall asleep I woke up after an hour & felt sick. Sometimes I get this pinched nerve in my back & it makes my body feel like I have the flu for about half an hour. The net result of all of this is that I just want to go to sleep. If I do it’ll totally screw up my pattern though. Now I have to live in this world of grogginess until my usual bedtime. but I’ll be half as effective at anything I try to do.

Every time the AC breaks down I think I should just learn how to fix it myself. I know it can’t be that hard because the repair guys only take thirty minutes or so. They can’t be all that complex, plus they almost always say it’s the unit freezing itself. Well if that’s all it is then why does it stay broken after it unfreezes? I need answers. At some point I should just ad it to the list of random things I know how to fix. YouTube will probably be able o show me what’s up…


Be honnest, you KNOW people will ask you to draw that on your Patreon, at this point you just want an excuse :)

Let’s not poison our relationship with honesty.

When webcomic fans get [very randy] when they look at webcomics, they should stand up and yell: LETCH out with your SKETCH out!

(Hee, hee, hee!…).

If we’re being honest, then deception is the poison in any relationship, with honesty being the antidote that tastes like wild cherry cough syrup. Big titties are the two big handfuls of sugar that help you to down the aforementioned medicine.

Humour is the seasoning, though puns are like salt where little bits are a flavour enhancer.

Have you tired scheduling a massage session? They can be covered by insurances. It could fix pinched nerves and sorenesses.

Also, Bad Religion released a new album last week if anyone was interested

A buddy of mine from the Metroplex calls the local massage parlors “Rub and tugs” referring to the thinly disguised prostitution that wraps up with a “happy ending”. A referral from a physician or chiropractor should be able to get you a legitimate massage therapist.

It’s really not hard to tell a massage therapist from a disguised escort with a quick look at a website. Both businesses want to be clear enough about which service they are offering.

An actual massage therapist will have a more technical title (in Canada it’s RMT, short for Registered Massage Therapist), if their are pictures of therapists it will be their face, their site will talk about insurance coverage, and various forms of treatment.

The other option will require you to verify your 18 to even look at the site, have even higher hourly rates if they are posted at all, pictures of the women in their underwear with faces cropped out and they will be hazy at best if they describe services at all.

“It’s really not hard to tell a massage therapist from a disguised escort with a quick look at a website. Both businesses want to be clear enough about which service they are offering.”

Not clear enough for Al Gore.

Part of the reason I’ve never had a professional massage is a dread of going to the wrong place and having to cough and politely ask if they would mind stop tugging that please.

If your coils keep freezing, that’s generally a sign that your filters are dirty. Lack of airflow will cause your coils to freeze if you leave the unit on long enough. Frozen coils can also cause your compressor to overheat and lock out for safety. Once that cools down everything should go back to normal, unless the cycle keeps repeating. Then you’re looking at maybe new start and run capacitors, etc.

That’s what it almost always is. I feel like if I just had a way to blow the pipe clean that would fix a lot of the issues. We used a lighter filter this time.

We were having that problem and a smart tech told us to prop the door to the room where the AC unit is and it solved the problem.

Don’t know your layout, but if there is a way to increase air flow through the rooms to the AC it could help.

Most of what I know about A/C is textbook knowledge, but I was also thinking airflow. I know you have issues, so I imagine your family stays on top of filters.

You might also check the expansion valve.


Look for one of the Airframe books. This is a good no-cost way of finding A/C system operation, though I’m leaving you to do some digging. I’m pretty sure the first volume is structures, so you might start with Volume 2.

Hmm, with those results makes me wonder how Evrina would look after a few more years of working there then… maybe someday we’ll see a future version of her too.

As a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Appreciation Society I object to Jo getting a job that makes hers bigger. I have been stuck with D cup and larger companions most of my life (including one F cup) and I like the A and Barely B girls.

There’s also something to be appreciated, at least in terms of aesthetic, with the wide array of body types on display in Between Failures. Every character can be easily identified at a glance, making this stick out a lot more than something along the lines of ’80s era comics.

Contrast is one of my many fetishes. X3

Of course.
To many people, variety is the spice of life.

For example, the Baskin-Robbins store has 31 flavors of ice cream;
(But, I don’t know if Mr. Baskin had 31 girlfriends at once. I wonder.). :)


Like the guy said: “Whatever doesn’t fit in your mouth is wasted!”

To which I answer: “That’s why God gave us two hands!”

Having been married to a big-breasted knockout, I would only warn Jo to be careful what she wishes for. There are significant health issues connected with large breasts, especially as you get older. Besides, studies have shown that large breasts increase a woman’s SEXUAL attractiveness, but has no effect on her ability to attract (or hold) a husband.

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