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I couldn’t say asleep last night & it screwed my whole day up. It seems like I’m going to have to get a new mattress, but it’s going to be a massive hassle… hoff. The bed I have now can’t fit down the stairs to be stored. I need much less bed though. I don’t need to sleep on the floor all the time anymore, so I could maybe get one that suits me better. meh. i’ll worry about it later.


I really think Evrina is really cute! Am I not supposed to?

Evrina is cute but she can have an abrasive (even abusive) personality. We’re seeing her on her best behavior here, serving customers, and even then she said things like “let’s face it, I’m smarter than you”.

Go three comics back to 2005: “She will randomly pick a fight if she’s in a mood.”

She’s cute but I’d think twice before dating her. But hey, she could grow and change as a person, maybe she’ll smooth off her sharp edges someday.

I love a woman with a sharp edge, but not a jagged one. Evrina could use a little honing.

Yeah, I agree. As her behaviors are now, I would likely have a hard time being Evrina’s romantic friend, or even her platonic friend.

Considering how well Jackie does character development (Reg comes to mind), I’d say there’s an excellent chance. Especially since she already seems somewhat self aware of her flaws: “Yeah well, I fucked everything up out there”

It’s crazy how expensive mattresses are.

Back when I used to watch TV I saw so many ads for mattress stores. I thought “just how much money do those stores even make, to spend like this on TV ads?”

My wife and I have been using the same mattress for three decades now. I’m actually thinking it’s time for a new one. But I’ve been looking into it and wow, new mattresses are expensive these days. And according to the review sites, I should only expect one to last 7 or 8 years!

If you want a mattress, there are whole web sites devoted to reviews of mattresses. (For example, “Sleep Like the Dead”)

I’m wondering if I have secretly been suffering for lo these past 3 decades, and my cheap old mattress isn’t as comfortable as I think it is. If I did spend $1000 or whatever on a new mattress, would I discover a new world of sleep comfort? I’ll bet I’d look for at least 1000 reasons why I spent my money wisely, so I could probably talk myself into it.

On the other hand, am I some kind of mattress tough guy, hardened by the experience of sleeping on a cheap mattress? Is this like the scenes where Chinese monks plunge their hands into hot coals, only way less cool? Would I become weak if I bought a fancy new one?

Whatever we have now is a random thing sold by a furniture store in a college town. It has served us quite well. Whatever we get to replace it will probably come from the Internet because I don’t want to deal with mattress salesmen (supposedly as bad as car salesmen).

I had a windfall about 20 years ago and decided to splash out on a good, or in any case expensive, mattress. Despite trying it out in the store, the damn thing was too hard for me to sleep comfortably on. I’ve been getting by using a foam rubber “mattress” protector, replacing it about every 10 years. I figure the ostensible main mattress will probably outlast me, given I’ve barely made contact with it in all this time.

Meanwhile, I opt out of all this mattress shenanigans. I’ve slept in a waterbed my whole life. As a baby, my parents had me in a watercrib. No, seriously. I am not making this up.

I’m so used to a plastic bag full of heated water that I don’t think I would even know what to do with a “normal” mattress.

I wrote a reply but it got posted to the main thread instead of posted as a reply. Maybe I clicked on the wrong “reply” button.

And mattresses are crazy thick these days. When we replaced our mattress the bed was so high my wife ended up having to climb out of bed instead of stepping out. We solved that by throwing out the now-useless box spring.

There’s a company called the Foam Factory. They make the Tempurpedic mattress, except if you buy it directly from them, it’s like $300 (factory is in Michigan), a fraction of the namebrand cost. You can also customize some aspects of it. Many members of my family have such a bed, they work great and are very reasonably priced.

One of the few conspiracy theories I subscribe to is that mattress stores are fronts for money laundering operations for various shady deals

I haven’t had a real bed in about a year since my old one collapsed after a rigorous bout of… actually not sex, believe it or not. It broke while I was playing through story mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ on hard mode. True story.

I think it would’ve been less embarrassing if you went with the sex story. Thrashing about because of difficulty with an unnecessary 2D fighter for Dragon Ball–set at high difficulty–is not something for which I would be proud. If it was a Soulsborne game or Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, then we’d be talking turkey.

This is kinda, sorta, related to drinks + desserts-
For a limited time, [The 1980s’] NEW COKE, will be out for awhile, in 2019.

That drink is such a nightmare. “Classic Coke” will still be sold, anyway.
New coke just tastes like a near-Pepsi to me, anyway.

That’s why they came out with New Coke in the first place… in blind taste-tests (two brown sodas, you have no clue what’s what), Pepsi was beating Coke, and Coke analyzed it and said they needed to be more Pepsi-like.

Lately I’ve had a lot of friends talk up to me the practice of getting a cheap, supportive mattress and putting a really nice latex mattress topper of appropriate firmness on it.

There is a whole new generation of mattresses that are sold directly to consumers over the Internet. They get good reviews on the various sites.

I’m tempted by the Casper, mainly because they have a store at a mall near me and I have actually had a chance to lay on one to try it out and it seems fine. But there are many others, and they generally have a guarantee: try it for up to 100 nights to make up your mind, and return it if you don’t like it.

If you really aren’t happy with your expensive mattress, maybe try replacing it with something that gets good reviews on Sleep Like the Dead. Even if your mattress was expensive, if you don’t like it, IMHO you shouldn’t have to put up with it.

Ugh… As one who loads those as a FedEx employee, order them. We’ll load them, but they are such a pain in the ass. Purple has handles. They are less of a “Hete, this should help,” and more of a “Sorry that our design team thought bagging a mattress was a good idea. Here are handles as a consolation prize.”

Oh, and for the two of you who don’t know, duct tape is completely awful as a shipping material. Go ahead and make your wallets and dressed out of it. Just please don’t wrap your packages in it.

While I support (ha! support!) the idea of shopping for mattresses, stay away from internet reviews for them as seen here: https://www.npr.org/2017/10/20/559113253/reporter-pulls-blanket-off-cozy-ties-between-mattress-companies-and-reviewers

I’m glad she balanced the shit out of the flavors, because we certainly don’t want that stuff left in!

Heh, heh!

Yeah! Other than onions, THAT stuff my #1 choice of things to be left out of my Strawberry, ice cream sodas. XD
……some new restaurant fads. I ask you…..

I’m very fascinated by the light purple + pink…ice cream in front of Jess.

If you find any ice cream like that, please let me know what brand it is. Thanks! :D

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