424 Cold Comfort.

The other day I saw the creepiest thing.  An old lady, walking her dog, who was wearing her hair in pigtails.  She had on a red, white, and blue, leather jacket, with a matching bandanna on her canine.  It made my soul throw up. 

If she’d had a ponytail that would have been fine; but something about twin tails, done up in colorful string on her ancient head, made me wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, I had seen enough, and could go home and end my life.  Safe in the knowledge that I was now unable to feel joy. 

Thankfully I had a bottle of Dr. Pepper handy.  It’s glorious flavor was able to bring me back from the very precipice of despair.  It was a near thing though.  You almost lost me, kids.


If thats all it took to make you want to end it all you lead a charmed life friend.

Also 1st Boosh

J.T. – I really do. Everybody is very attatched to me and keep thwarting my attempts. They won’t let me watch daytime TV anymore because I try to hurl myself off the couch like a lemming.

Dr. Pepper, experience the flavor! I remember during the summer, my cousin and I drank two big bottles of the stuff, we just couldn’t get enough for some reason! I’m also suddenly reminded of a commercial for Diet Coke, from 1989, were Alfred from Batman calls a convenience store to let them know that “A gentleman in a black car” will be picking up a case of Diet Coke. He then drinks a Diet Coke and then on the table there’s a can of Diet Coke with a little black cape.

Once again, I love your comic.

Ed is the noble hero isn’t he? He does what he believes is right without considering the consequences, it is a good thing he has others to watch his back.

Episode 424 = Manos: The Hands of Fate

Cue Torgo theme :)

BTW: Great comic. I wish I could have gotten away with half the stuff these guys seem to.

PS: Does everyone name Reggie have to be snarky?

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