425 Jesus Fights Lions.

Every so often I get messages from random instant messenger programs inviting me to chat with Idontknowwhothefuckyouare@fictionalemailaddress.com.  They make wonder if some anonymous person wants to talk to me, yet lacks the basic social skills to preface the request with correspondence.  I recognize that these requests are likely spam, but there’s something in me that imagines some poor fan, desperately reaching out in hopes of making some kind of connection.  I feel bad for this imaginary person.  Firstly because their heartfelt desires are being brushed aside because they are wrapped in a dubious package, and secondly because if they ever did talk to me it would ruin the magic of not knowing what a loser I am. 

My friends have to choke on that sour reality every time they see me.   


It isn’t a sour reality. It is a very sweet and warm and yummy reality! You’re the best loser I know!

You have comments on the strip, a forum that you post on, a myspace and a twitter, I’ve never met you and I feel like we are friends. Its spam for sure.

I would pay all kinds of money to watch Jesua fight lions btw..

I wouldn’t worry about it, if a fan went to all the trouble of acquiring your IM address then they are best left alone or you will end up like Jill Dando or something. “Crazed fan shoots favorite comic artist in the head for not returning facebook requests” – unlikely but possible!
What did you say your MSN address was?

Everybody is a loser in some way, even the greatest, most awesomest hero-rapper-warlord-artist ever: Probably can’t satistify his harem.

Uh, yes, Ed needs to learn some self-control. Being constantly combative usually doesn’t help in the workplace.

Yeah I stopped clicking on those kinds of e-mails when it turned out Cindy wanted to tease me about my penis size, especially since I am female and don’t have one.

dude this is like, my favorite comic of ALL TIME. i mean, its even better than penny arcade. i just started and finished this webcomic in like, 6 hours. its SO addicting.

I’m surprised that Ed doesn’t mention that Reggie turning on Jo like that was what really set the tiny titan off. Not as an excuse so much as in the interests of Thomas knowing exactly what went down.

everyone is a loser these days, loser is the new cool ;)

you write great comics, its no question why someone wouldnt want to meet you and become friends!
sadly- i know people like reggie

Not to condone the opening of mysterious emails, but I got an email I didn’t recognize one day and the subject was “(No Subject)”. I think I left it untouched in the inbox for a few days and finally curiosity got the better of me… It turned out to be a commission request.

You may be getting a IM ‘bot. Feeling really bored, answer back and then ask them a few tough questions like: “if you are not a bot, what kind of human are you?” When ‘bots get to the point where they can pass a simple turning test, the internet and the web are going to get even stranger.

To be fair, Ed didn’t lose it until Reggie started abusing Brooksie. A point that seems to slide in these later strips.

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