Ah yes, the most crucial piece of characterization. Makes me curious what everyone else’s favorite I’ve cream flavors are.

Yep. To find out what kind of person I am, the cops always ask me for: my license, registration, and if I like pistachio ice cream. ;D

I used to love ice-cream then my digestive tract decided to turn traitor when it comes to dairy products ….

But I learned how to deal with it and can still enjoy ice-cream occasionally.
Praise the lord pass the Lactaid

Oh yeah, as a kid my fave was Black Cherry or Scutterbotch but of late I have a hankering for real Butter Scotch [Canada Club]

Oops. I didn’t see this, until days later.
Those flavors sound pretty GOOD.
I’ll have to try them out. :)

Daamn, Evrina turning on the charm, with all the sass and all the smug kept intact. I’m rooting for her here, but I dunno what bad blood with Jess she may be working against.

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