730 Pond.

For reasons even I don’t understand, I tilted the “camera” in the first two panels. It doesn’t really add anything, I just did it. Sometimes it’s good to just do things. I’m not sure if this was one of those times.


all right, maybe i’s just me, but what is up with his hand in the last panel? it’s just. I can’t. what happened? it looks fine in the previous one!

My skills deteriorate as the nights wear on.

Hahah! Well spotted :) I don’t often notice little details like that, but once I can see them…man they stick out.

Do not fix it JT (if you were contemplating it). It looks awesome.

I think the tilt works. the height difference makes him look VERY superior. Once Reggie’s out of shot, they look the same size.
Subtle little things like that can make difference.

Keep playing, I say :)

I’d be interested in seeing one from a directly overhead view – a store layout with people at their different posts…and Thomas and Carol making out in the store room or osmething.

@Geoff Appleby–

Yeah, you nailed it. Different is good. Same is bo-ring.

I remember one newspaper strip — in the days when computers were large scary machines occupying disused gymnasiums — the artist would occasionally ‘shoot’ over the shoulder of either the speaker (to catch the listener’s reaction) or vice-versa (get facial expressions, or body language of either). Sometimes, it was just the exclamation mark (!) over the listener’s head.

Excellent dialog here. Could be the best banter yet.


The tilt in panel two actually seems pretty natural, but that may be because I’ve only got one shoe. The first one did kind of throw me at when I first looked at it. It was not a bad thing.

It was interesting so I say good.
Look at Wes. Bastard. Getting all chummy with Tom while Reggie’s back is turned, trying to find allies where he can… Back-stabbing little prick. You can just see the wheels in his head turning: “I will make Thomas think that I have been saddled with Reggie and get sympathy; in this way will I be able to continue to be elitist with him whilst still denigrating him to all others… Yesss….”

Gotta chime in and say that the tilt worked wonders in panel 1, it seems just a bit awkward in the second panel to me.

certainly approve of the experiment, though ^_^

Tilt in panel one caught my attention too, added tension to the Reggie/Wes confrontation.
I liked the “wiggly fingers of ripply dread”.

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