643 Split Set.

I don’t allow myself a lot of snack variety. Having cut a lot of stuff from my diet choices are getting limited. However I’ve noticed a strange trend in the things I do allow myself. I’ll just list them and you guys can make of it what you will: Bananas, pickles, squash, Cheerios, Spaghetti Os. Freud would have a field day.


How did those items end up on your okay list? Very weird diet. Also, have to love how she can derail the subject so well.

That list evolved over the last 3 years from various things that were okay for me to eat and over time I just kept dropping more and more for various reasons until only those remained.

She knows how to play her brother for sure.

Have you ever listened to Outside The Wall, and then listened to In The Flesh? on The Wall? It’s kinda epic. .__.
ANYWAYS, I dunno why, but the last panel, her face reminds me of Lelouch….

For some reason, my mind is stuck on the idea that the cast of Between Failures needs to meet the cast of Questionable Content. The resulting snark-fest involving Tom, Carol and Faye would be HILARIOUS.

No my deary…that would be the apocalypse; that much wit and sarcasm, will overload the world, and cause every kind of disaster, in every disaster movie to happen at once.

That would be nice though. If i wanted the world to end, I’d want it to have good special effects or some great 1 liner come backs.

Are you including crappy made-for-TV, sci-fi channel disaster movies? Why is the gravity of the moon cause cars to float?

They would probably harmonically resonate. Any number of outcomes could happen. Much like the ones suggested by other commenters. XD

You had me until you got to Spaghetti Os. Yeesh. I loved those as a kid, but as I grew older I came to enjoy Italian food from many sources. I tried Spaghetti Os again recently and now they taste just awful. I don’t know if my tastes changed or if they changed the recipe since waaaay back when I liked it.

I actually got sick as a little kid with the flu and threw up spisketti os, so my body thought they were what made me sick and I couldn’t eat them without feeling sick. A few years ago I ended up with a can somehow and decided to try it as it was some of the only food I had left. I didn’t get sick so i just started eating them again because they are cheap and not super bad for you. None of this is important.

I hate Italian food for the most part, and I wouldn’t consider anything from Chef Boyardee representative of it.

As Freud would say, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” And the little known corollary to this statement is, “But more often than not, it’s big brown d— that you suck the wet end of.” Guy was an eloquent speaker, no?

I find that trail mix makes a good snack. Nothing with chocolate in it. Fruits and nuts variety. Helps to boost the metabolism

Yay! I’m halfway through the archive! And I’m reading the comments where people keep complaining about being caught up and having to wait, and I don’t have to.

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