642 Underthere.

I keep seeing people complaining about there being no new ideas for movies or what have you, like they don’t understand why that is. It’s pretty fucking simple. People don’t support new ideas and they often fail. It’s much safer to do something that’s already worked than it is to try something untested. I don’t really have anything else to say about that.

Also, I know a couple of people have requested more Jess desktops. I’ll get to them soon. She’s cute pretty much this whole part though.


You know, I wasn’t sure where my sympathies lay in this conflict. On the one hand, I too enjoy dancing and singing scantily clad when no one’s home. On the other hand, no one finds walking in on partially or fully naked siblings more awkward than me. But with the addition of the stolen iPod, I think I gotta side with Ed on this.

Ed: don’t let your mind break over that one. You stepped right into it.
Jessica: Thank you for the mental image. But you might want to get your own IPod, or extort Ed to get you one.

I, for one, would like to thank Jessica for this image.

I, for two, would like to thank all the evil, evil friends who’ve tormented me over the years, so that I can easily not think at all about the fact that I have a sister and LA LA LA LA LA NOT LISTENING TO YOU MY SISTER HAS NEVER BEEN CLOTHED IN LESS THAN FIVE LAYERS AND HATES TO DANCE.

Yay! More desktops, and I didn’t even ask.
On topic: Ed should be more careful coming home now.

Don’t be afraid to ask, these ones I already have the art for so It’s not a lot of extra work.

To be fair, he was sleeping in his own room this time, but duly noted.

I, for one, have seen my sister’s rack. And naked body, because she used to be pretty active with her amateur modeling. I’m totally comfortable saying that if she wasn’t my sister, I’d hit that.

Several times.

Plus, it’s the human body. Why should I be disturbed if I happen to see a shapely one?

On the other hand, I’d be all over Ed’s sister like deers are all over the Pennsylvania roads in the spring.

“I’d be all over Ed’s sister like deers are all over the Pennsylvania roads in the spring”

…in a bloody, dead mess?

You got weird similes, man.

And if we could hear what was going on in the scene, we would the disccordant cacophony of overheatting gears meshing and grinding together. A whisp of smoke would trickle from his ear. And finally, his mind would be shatter. That face right there is the essence of a brain about to break.

Ahhh sisterly love is it not wonderful ahh i have to say is you gotta love em. Because you can’t hit em in the head with a shovel and bury them in the backyard and pretend your an only chils. (coming from some one who grew up with to sisters who liked to make my life hell lol)

lol, thats a bit of info Ed can log in his TMI file, but truth be told, he asked for it by asking about her activities when he isn’t around. Reap what you sew friend

I’d make a crack about having to boil the ipod or the impracticality of that, but I’m pretty sure everyone’s thought of it already.

As I see it, my little sis is always dressed in rainbows.
According to her, she has clothing that isn’t amazingly technicolour… but every time I’ve seen her for years, she was wearing rainbows.

Stark contrast to myself, since almost all my clothing is black… and the rest is white.

His face, in the last panel, is what I imagine to be the face of every serial killer ever, exactly one traumatic incident before they went insane.

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