726 The Guild.

Before you jump all over me, I KNOW Reggie used that line already. It allows firstly for Ed’s new response, and secondly for the next page.

The other day, while making a page, Photoshop suddenly forgot the deselect command. A command I use frequently. A few moments later it forgot what delete was. I saved the page and fiddled around for a few moments, trying to see if something was obviously interfering with the program. Whatever it was I couldn’t detect it. I was just about to restart the PC, but decided to try delete one last time and it worked, as did deselect. I ran a virus scan just to be sure and everything was normal. Nothing was detected. Maybe it was just a random conflict, maybe it was something else, but it was completely new to me, which makes me nervous. Every so often weird shit just happens with a computer. Sometimes my tablet forgets it has levels of pressure sensitivity and I have to restart. I’m almost certain it has something to do with me starting up too many things at the same time. It’s just a guess. All I do know is that I have to reset to get it to work again. All in all even these problems are minor annoyances compared to losing a page to a save error or what have you. I’ve been lucky… so far.


Good to see Reggie hasn’t changed much. I was gonna have a panic attack if he hugged Ed…..Then laugh my ass off as Ed killed him for touching him.

My computer sometimes decides that my tablet doesn’t exist, which is just great.

Not as bad as when I somehow got a virus that disconnected and reconnected my mouse every couple of seconds, though. D:

“Before you jump all over me, I KNOW Reggie used that line already. ”

just call it the beginning of a running gag……

Mine sometimes does that especially if you open another art program. Sometimes Illustrator will screw it up, but mostly, it’s Painter and MangaStudio. Illustrator usually doesn’t eff with the tablet but it does mess up the type setting sometimes.

Tablet drivers are such a nightmare, sometimes they thin there is more then one tablet installed and throw a hissy fit. I guess they get possessive anxiety or something.

When my comp stops responding to certain commands, or seems to be doing something different than I ask, the first thing I do is to tap each meta-key. Namely Ctrl, Alt, and Shift. Sometimes the computer will miss the signal of the key coming back up, and therefore thinks it’s still down. The majority of the time this corrects the odd behavior.

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