326 Smoothe.

For the record, I know that there’s not supposed to be an E at the end of smooth. I just think it needs one. It’s just something I endorse incorrperating, much like using theatre instead of theater.

Oh, and in case anybody was curious, I was able to obtain a couple of Transformers Animated guys while on my daytrip: Prowl & Lockdown. If you want to see pictures of said toys, please use the internet, coupled with the series of words I just gave to you, through the use of our shared language. Hoards of nerds have uploaded many images of said items to these internets already.


Hmm, I don’t much care for the Optomis design, but Megs on the other hand, BADASS!
This page is good, it’s funny to think 24 hours ago (comic story time) they had no idea they were gonna be all blushy and flirty together.

Carol: “Funny… so did I.”
Tom: “Must be something in the air.”
Carol: “…yeah, must be. Now get to work.”
Tom: “Yes, ma’am.”

Actually as i’ve been told by the theatre that I work for that the difference is a theater is a building that holds a theatre. And that theatre is the whole production so to speak. So really either word is suitable if you’re talking about a place, but if you’re talking about someone acting, then they are involved with the theatre, but doing so in a theater.

A wild night, I like everyone else would like to know more sir. Also I am still hunting down a scorponok figure from the movie series, its harder to find in kansas that you would think , at least in my neck of the woods. Lucky you got yours though.

I think the spider lady is like arachnia…… Also c-ham, thats a good loving song, but nothing beats lets stay together by Mr.Al Green

Hi Man i Just Finished Reading your Comic for the firat time and I just wanted to say I really like the storyline and the Characters you,ve Creacted. My Favorate Character Is Carol. I look forward to the next Comic.:)

Agreed but I think “Lets Get It On” is more fitting in this particular situation.

…ya know cause they got it on

true c-ham, unless you argue that lets stay together means staying together in a locked se….you know what, its best to just let it lie.


Oddly enough, I always find myself typing “theatre” instead of “theater”, but more lately “behaviour” has been slipping in, too.

I do that a lot too. I keep catching myself writing “colour” and “theatre” and can never remember whether “grey” or “gray” is accepted American English.

J.T. – I think Gray is supposed to be the color word in America, but I use them interchangably. The only reason I think this is that I saw it spelled g-r-a-y in a box of crayons and figured they’d be the experts.

Wow, lots of spelling questions today.

Smoothe — At first I thought that it’s like breath and breathe: you DO put an E at the end when you’re using it as a verb. When I looked it up, though, that turned out to be incorrect. Either smooth or smoothen can be used as a verb form, but not smoothe. Darn, I liked my explanation better. 8-(

Theatre/Theater — No, theatre is the British/French spelling, theater is the American spelling. That’s it, really. Anything else someone tells you is BS.

Grey/Gray — Yes, gray is American, grey is British.

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