327 Jedi Mind Trick.

I exist in a constant state of trying to decide how Carol’s hair should look depending on which direction she faces.

Daddy got his copy of Starslip CrisisVol. 2 on Friday. It’s every bit as sexy as volume 1. EVERY BIT! In fact, it may be even more sexy than volume 1. I’ll leave that debate to the historians. Anyway, I’m a big fan of Starslip, literally & figuratively. If you’re a fan too I reccomend falling in love with it, again, one more time…


Fortunately, a girls hair style tends to change in little ways everyday…..some times it changes in big ways…..no matter what you do.

lol replace that drink with a fruit smoothie and I remember this tactic working for my boyfriend as well. The force is in the deliciousness.

“literally & figuratively.” ????Is that a fat joke or are you saying you literally rotate curved blades in order to blow cool air onto Starslip Crisis? I’m confused.

mmmm Ice cream that sounds good.

In many men and some women the closest way to there heart is through there stomach.

Notice how he presents her with the tasty treat? That is the proper technique.

A Cappin’ the cappa once sang “The way to a man’s heart is through their noses, not their stomachs unlike most people believe.” I think that’s what he sang…I’d have to go through my screenshots to say exactly what he did and as I have no computer of my own to speak of, that is impossible to do.

Damn, he’s smooth.

I wish everyone had a weakness like that. Think of how much we could accomplish.

I Do believe he is doing the Jedi Mind trick on the lady….but that usually only works on the weak minded…..Also good use of magnificent bastard.

Yep, too cute for words.

@Viokni: However, not that it is relevant here, but a lot of people figure that in fact the closest way to someone’s heart is through the ribcage. :D

Hahaha! Never really thought I’d see Carol in an awkward state in this comic and the previous, but it happened!
This one made me chuckle heartily

I’ve used that tactic countless times. It’s so useful, I recommend it to everyone.

You used the Jedi Mind Trick… successfully? …countless times?
Congrats man, the Force must be strong with you =)

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