328 Silent Treatment.

My favorite use of the “single tear” line is in Waterworld.

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Regie Better watch his piehole. Brooksie can probably make him shed more than a few tears, if she can take on Ed.

Oh, lawd, XD I can’t wait until Ed Meets Regie. GO ED GO!!

This guys life must be pretty pathetic if all he does is insult people and look like a poor mans Joker. Speaking of which, did anyone see The Dark Knight? wasn’t it awsome?

If Brooksie doesn’t kill this guy, I will. Or at least jump at my own monitor in rage and break it.

Brooksie should knee him in the kiwi’s. Now.

Speaking of which…

“But the beastie was fast and grabbed him by the kiwi’s,
and he ain’t pissed for a week! (and a half)”

Name that tune.

i suspect brooksie shall have the last laugh…. her encycleopeidic knowledge of films gives her a distinct edge in the interverse.

every cliche, every plot twist and the very essense of comic timing are at her finger tips….



*tips his marvelous hat*

someone seriously needs to castrate reggie… Oh wait maybe the reason his attitude sux so hard is because somebody already did! Yay!

Im not sure he looks like a poor mans joker, maybe like the A-hole cousin of inspector gadget though… Brooksie might demolish this poor man using her sneaky abilities and a few placed shuriken like copies of B-Movies.

I love Waterworld!!! Anyway, I’m not usually a violent person, but can we have some random anvil fall on his head? Please?!?!?

“I love Waterworld!!! Anyway, I’m not usually a violent person, but can we have some random anvil fall on his head? Please?!?!?”

I agree!

I hope Brooksie will throughly humiliate him. Besides, I doubt he’d mind having his balls ripped off–the bastard likely doesn’t have a use for them.

1. Screw that guy.
2. I wanna take a smoke break with brooksie.
3. Yeah Dark Night was awesome except I hate the way he talks while he is being Batman.
4. I already said what I think he looks like, The green skinned bully from Doug mixed with the Dad from back to the future.
5. I didn’t even notice you had an email thing up there. I just message you on myspace.
6. Why so serious?

Huh. That’s why Thomas had Ed work with Brooksie last night; her self confidence is a fragile thing, and the positive command experience helped prepare her for dealing with Reggie’s noise.

(This is going off of the theory that Thomas is in fact the Doctor and does things for a reason.)

Reggie is so awesome. ^_^

Rule 14 all the way.
The only way to come out alive is to completely ignore him, and they just can’t do it…. cos he is just too good a troll! >=D

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