294 I Get It.

Writing about Castlevania got me to thinking about something I want for the DS. I want a remake of Castlevania 3. It would be so cool to run amok as no less than 4 possible Castlevania heroes. All that stuff is still canonical too, as far as I know. I think it’s high time the young folk got a taste of hot, loin clothed, Trevor Belmont action, without having to suffer through the original NES version of the game. I mean, I enjoyed that game. I still think it’s one of the best in the series, but we’ve grown past the stiff action of the 8 bit age. I want to hop around, as a pirate that sticks to walls, and stab the shit out of some undead monsters. Was it Symphony Of The Night where you had to fight the clone versions of Sypha, Grant, and Trevor? Anyway, whatever game it was, I want to play as those sprites. I don’t know how they’d do Alucard though. I don’t know if you really want a male lead to be prettier than the only female one. Maybe they could tone down the pretty just a little for the remake.


No longer! Well…. I mean…CV 3 is all still canon but not all of CV is… Legends is out out out. Poor Sonya. I would know none of this if my boyfriend were not crazy about Castlevania.
I like SOTN and that first one with Juste or whatever his name is. I didn’t finish any of them, but I rarely finish anything.

I just realised, I’m growing my hair out, and I look very much like john. Just add a pair of glasses. I also find myself to be similar to both John and Ed at times. Just thought I should let ya know, haha.
And yes, it was most certainly Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (another one on my exclusive PS-1-games-that-kick-the-crap-out-of-these-next-gen-games list) where you fought the clones. I love that game so much. Good voice acting, superior playability, awesome weapons, good characters and story. Quite amazing, really.

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