1175 Family Planning.

The rain looked more rainlike on my drawscreen than on the regular one. Ah well… maybe it’ll come across okay. I can’t change it right now anyway.

I hope you have a merry Christmas if that’s your thing. If not, I hope you have a very merry Wednesday. I’m off to grandma’s. Later taters.


Huh… she looks sad.

Why does it seem that exes always want to be friends? At least in stories, I guess. Not like I have real life experience. But really?

That happened with an ex of mine. She wanted to be friends, but I right out said that that scenario is near impossible. I felt it was weird(not to mention a little insulting) and too soon to be saying that kind of thing. We never did speak again.

I’m freinds with almost all my exes. I think it depends on how and why it ends.

I thought this was a sweet strip. It’s scary moving and being pregnant, as well as financially insecure. Good for both of them for at least trying to understand the other side.

When someone breaks up with you and wants to remain friends… well, it’s just not possible depending on what happened between the two.

I felt betrayed when my ex broke up with me and removed her from my life completely. (Admittedly, I was not at my most emotionally stable point at the time.)

Ten years later, I understood why she wanted to stay friends with me. Way too late.

If both parties are in agreement as to the fact that the relationship isn’t working for whatever reason, it’s easier to stay friends than in other situations… especially if the breakup happens before they become so annoyed at each other they can’t stand each other. Not many couples have the maturity to come to that conclusion soon enough or mutually enough, though.

Then again, if it’s a difficult breakup that isn’t mutual and the initiator wants to stay friends, it can be a sign that the initiator wants to get back together someday or at least sees a future circumstance in which getting back together is possible.

Oh goodness, that last panel is so cute. That’s all my sleepy brain can comprehend. Today has been crazy. Off to bed with me.

A part of me is feeling for her, being uncertain about her life and where it’s lead as she’s having a baby with a husband she loves. I’ve been there, and even though I was so sure of myself then, nearly 5 years has told me I knew nothing.

The other part of me is just wondering Jeez girl what is up with your hair? Got kind of a feather thing going on??? Do you like doing just reeeeeally small ponytails or did your hairdresser pull a fast one?

I love the symbolism in the last panel, his friends really are his family.

Even Annoying Little Brother Reggie.

It would appear that Thomas has grown a bit. He was able to wish his ex good luck.
I also agree with AsimovSideburns – clearly the people at the store ARE his family right now. He certainly treats them that way – looking out for them.

I can’t hate her, or even really dislike her for that matter. I’ve known people like this in real life, and most people’s reactions to them were as contemptuous as many readers have been to Dawn. Like the people I’ve known, Dawn is just a creative, artistic ditz who has no clue how she comes off to others, let alone how her actions affect them.

I get that she comes off as callous and manipulative, but I think this gives her far too much credit. She’s a nerdy, creative type; I very much doubt that she understands how others think well enough to understand when she’s crossed the line, let alone well enough to actually manipulate someone. This was certainly the case with these kinds of people that I’ve known and been friends with. Smart, creative, passionate; dumb as a rock when it comes to dealing with other people.

Is it just me, or does Carol’s eyebrows express how leery she is about the sudden peaceful exchange between Dawn and Tom? Perhaps we’ll discover that she’s a jealous girl, but only time will tell…

Folks pretty much nailed it — Thomas has something Dawnstance hasn’t. He’s a charismatic leader. His ‘peeps’ don’t need to be coerced to follow his lead. She may have spoken last, but he got the final word.

Life in the Friend Zone…

To clarify my earlier comment, I realize that there’s a good in-story reason for Nina to not be in the last panel (she isn’t outside with the rest of the group), but between the comment about the brewing storm on the previous page, and the fact that the family doesn’t include her in the last panel (or Mike, and it’s been well established that managers at the store tend to not last very long), I’m worried that Nina may find herself unemployed after her outburst at Dawn, who could very well lodge a complaint with the store’s higher management. And if Mike gets involved, he’d either end up in trouble himself or left out of the store’s family for not defending Nina…

I sincerely hope that I’m wrong about this.

Time will only tell, but personally, I don’t think dear Nina is gonna be out the door. She’s a close friend of Thomas, who as we’ve seen has some pretty massive sway over who works at the store and who doesn’t, and if Nina is the type of person I think she is then this will probably have been the first time she’s done something like this to a customer, in which case she probably has a little bit of leeway. Besides, she’s part of the main cast. It would take more than a little drama to remove her.

That said, if Dawn had informed Mike about it (and as you say, she very well could have) then he and Nine will have words exchanged. And if Mike and Nina exchange words on the subject, then Nina and Thomas will definitely exchange words on the subject.

I dunno if I could pull off the “friend with Ex” stuff. I have one on my facebook account but, it’s not like I actively tried talking to her ever. And my first girlfriend yeah I had Thomas’ stance with Dawn in a sense (love becomes bitter hate and such). Completely started avoiding her or even associating with her. Then again… you don’t try to have a guy walk you home so you can “break up with him” when he lives 20 miles away. I can’t believe she thought that was a brilliant idea.

ah, you know, I just went through a break up, and I totally forgot this arc ended this way. My ex and I are friends, to be honest, nothing was wrong with us, just I wanted something special and she wasn’t feeling it, simple as that. Its hard to not slip into that wanting and desire to be closer, but as carol said a few strips back, it’s a bit of cheat. I want something rather than nothing, and until shes moved on and I’m in the way, I want to keep as much of her as I can for myself as possible.

this is a pretty powerful bit of work, I feel like its underrated, but I am saying that purely on my own feeling like I feel like crave needs 1000s of more readers and supporters and this is a damn masterpiece. It quite draws on the emotions, the expressions and tone can really be felt.

Hmm could they have patched things up?

I don’t really hate her nor do I really hate Thomas. I understand their actions I think.

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