I have an SP! It’s older! And I know every Pokemon game that comes out, darn it!

Wah… I wanna DS…. TT_TT

Don’t worry, once the DS is forgotten you’ll still be able to find all those great titles you missed on the shelves for the same price as the day they came out. Nintendo is such a bastard…

My family still has a working Nes… We are Nintendo nerds. I am even reading the comic on my 3DS right now.

This is starting to remind me of my last job. Only time my boss got mad at me for playing games on the clock was because I didn’t have Patapon 2 so he had to wait for one of the regulars to show up to play multiplayer. Working in a video game arcade = win.

Leave handheld consoles for the Japanese. If the screen ain’t larger than my head, it’ll just be painful to play.

I still maintain that the mico would have sold better if it attached to a belt buckle

If only because the belt thing let them pretend they were one of the original power rangers and yes I know the fact is entirely sad but I WOULD BE RIGHT THERE WITH THEM DAMMIT!

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