1312 Great Expectations.

I gave it a valiant effort with the establishing panel, but I just do not understand structure very well. I never really have. I have no fucking idea how it got all skewed, but by the time I realized I’d made a big mistake it was too late in the game to go back. I fiddled and fiddled with it and it just kept looking worse. Someday I may try to go back and fix this, but I’m going to end up with no buffer at all if I keep hammering on it now. Especially in light of the patreon bonuses I need to get out.

There may not be a teen corner tonight because she’s visiting her mother and that rarely goes well. If she offers when she comes home I’ll let her. Otherwise I’m leaving well enough alone.

For my part I’m going to have a little lie down because my back is killing me. I’m starting to think that’s more literal than hyperbolic at the moment. XD

Teen Corner

hey peeps I’ve just returned home from my adventure which was okay for the most part. my brother was nicer than last time, we jammed out to country the whole way to see my mom. country is not my favorite but it wasn’t bad. I also got taco bell for lunch which is my favorite so I was pleased by that. my sister was a downer the whole way there but on the way back she cheered up a little. we listened to Dan Cummings comedy on YouTube which was pretty hilarious. my mother was as always not very pleasant but she was more bearable than usual. I do not approve of her old creepy new boyfriend, he scares me and in my opinion its inappropriate for her to be moving on so soon…but she will do as she pleases so I will do as I please and ignore him. she was only concerned about my grades and didn’t listen to anything else I had to say which made me kind of sad. my brother cheered me up though with his ridiculous jokes. he was teasing his girlfriend saying when they had kids she would be the parent that fed her kids mountain dew and marshmallows for breakfast which I could see her doing. on the way home Jackie asked that we bring him back spicy peanuts or disappointment and although disappointment seemed like more fun we decided to bring him the spicy peanuts (weird I don’t believe peanuts should be spicy) so he seems happy enough now time for me to shower and then drag Jackie to my room for tv time till I fall asleep so the monsters wont eat me (they’ll eat him first) XD goodnight all!!!


Now the question is, is that a “Oh my god that’s hilarious!” face?
…or a “This is my Fetish.” face?

Do you really want an answer to that?

Your building in the first frame is just fine. Don’t sweat it. I don’t know about others, but I don’t read Between Failures for the architecture.

In perspective, the horizon is usually at eye level. The top of the door is below that, so the doors appear too small and out of scale.

The vanishing points are too close (on the right more so than on the left, causing the ‘scrunched’ appearance as noted). But vanishing point perspective can be tricky when using a limited palette-size; it takes some practice to get it right. Still, I didn’t notice a problem either until I got to the blog post, so… I think you’re doing fine. :)

This is the problem once you get past the archives and have to wait between readings. You forget cool stuff like Reggie might be heading right towards a furry fest with John looking like he is “One of THEM”. Well, not really a problem since as it is now hitting me funny bone much harder for the unexpected impact! XD


No no. Its fine so don’t fall behind over it.


Why not combine both concepts with spicy circus peanuts?

First, I didn’t notice anything wrong with the first panel until I read the TheRant underneath. If there were a Nerf firefight there, I might have questions about ranges and run speeds, but it’s great as an establishing shot.

Second, a great way to throw together a perspective shot is to use a 3D program to block out some simple shapes. POV-Ray, UnrealEd, whatever, you just need to lay down some boxes with a checkerboard texture.

Third, that looks a *lot* more like a “This is my Fetish.” face :D

The back end of the building (far right line) needs to be drawn a little farther to the right and not so scrunched down. Just slightly. That should balance out the perspective sufficiently.

I as well did not notice it until I got to the blog. It works fine, but gives the impression that it’s a very loooong building, which I don’t think you were going for.

I didn’t know the furry club doubled as the “try not to look at my chest while I show off an amazing amount of cleavage” club. I applaud John for not pointing that out first. He has matured.

@Kris, furry is all about “Look at my chest while I show off an amazing amount of cleavage.” Check out FurAffinity or Weasyl some time.

Ok so you leave an epic drama moment hanging in the air to go to furries.
This does not bode well

just imagining Reggie ‘bumping into’ that lovely lady in her full furregalia… he looks about the right height to end up with a face full of cleavage… lucky, lucky Reggie

John’s face, last panel, priceless.

And I’m glad Teen has the good taste to know Dan Cummins is hilarious. With a capital F.

Ah, Mr. Kepler. We always knew you were a pervert, but now we know exactly what kind of perv you really are. The art style in the last panel is almost Archie-esque, somehow, in a sort of a whacked-out, Dan DeCarlo way.

@theteen, don’t be too hard on your mom. When my Dad died, I was all for my Mom getting re-married (after a year or so.) I could respect the new guy’s honesty in saying that he mostly just wanted to get into her pants, but that doesn’t make for a good long-term relationship. The guy was, as you say, a bit creepy. But my Mom insisted. So I tried ignoring him.

But now that he’s family that really doesn’t work. Ignoring him also hurts my mother. The challenge I place before you (if their relationship becomes permanent) is to find at least one thing to respect about the guy, then respect the hell out of that — if for no other reason than for your mom’s sake. My step-dad likes working on cars and helping people out with mechanical problems. I can respect that. Even though he’s otherwise a sleaze-bag.

I know I should try but he’ll never really be a permanent part of my life my moms in a nursing home,I see her about once a month and I only have to deal with him then so yeah…and my issue is that she has been trying to get with any guy possible since a week after my dad died so I guess I have some issues with that still…I’m slowly attempting to forgive her but it’s not going to well but thank you for the advice

My dad died when I was a teen, in my experience people who were sane go a bit batshit and people who were already a bit batshit go completely on vacation. My mom gleefully said “WELL I GUESS IT’S TIME TO GET YOU A NEW DAD!” less than a year after mine died. It pretty much went downhill after that… but we all survived and after a while forgave each other. I have a lot more perspective and forgiveness for her now than I did at the time. Don’t rush it, but it does get easier.

Good luck to you; that situation sounds incredibly hard (the hardest part for me would be feeling ignored about everything except school. I am not you, of course.).

Forgiveness is hard, and a good goal. Just being kind in the meanwhile, even when you haven’t forgiven yet, is a good goal too.

I’m wondering if, by the end of this story, John will be more interested in the furry convention or the huge…tracts of land that it’s being held on.

I know a library that always looks skewed like that. Well a library annex at least. Anyways why is the Teen such an adorable bundle of goofy? I keep finding myself chuckling lighthearedly at her little antics…

If You hadn’t said something only the trolls would have made mention…
It appears that Your horizon vanishing line is angled up towards the right side.
Also, the horizon vanishing line may be too low for the perspective You intended, try closer to the one-third line and possibly shorten the side of the building.
And the front door’s lintel is skewed to a lower vanishing line.
Quick tip: add a couple horizontal lines for pavement sections down the side of the building, it will help with the “floating building” effect.

Think about how long Your parents were married…
Your mom may not really show it, but She is most likely feeling lost and scared without Your dad, and the “Boy”friend should be considered a cross between a bandaid and a stuffed animal;
Cuts will heal without a bandaid, but they heal a bit better with some care.
And a stuffed animal is something familiar that You can count on, right?

I like Your plan though, Miss Teen:
Feed Jackie so the monsters have more to eat…

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