900 We Had Each Other.

My net is down.  I’m loading the comic from a McDonalds, because I care about you guys getting your fix.  X3 

I’ll update you all properly when my service is back up.  Probably lost to McNinja.  I’m guessing by…1500 votes.  A fittingly poetic birthday for the comic and I.  XD


This is a perfect page to signify how strong the unity and bond of the co-workers are, and how they truly pull together, just fantastic.

Also I am predicting soon that something bad will happen that will open a new arc, say, someone from corporate coming by on an inspection, that Reggie didnt know about (Making him get all nervous and fidgety and think to himself, possibly out loud as well that, maybe, JUST MAYBE…. he wasnt trust worthy enough to know, or they, god forbid, forgot to tell him!) So now they have to make the store at least look like its doing well, with a mixture of shenanagins and devious plots to have the place staged, hiring friends to come in and what not, which gets mixed up and end up swamped with actual customers to the point the corporate big wig might get tossed and turned around in the hustle and bustle, making the crew think that this is even worse, believing that this makes it look like they cant control the store anymore, and it turns out that either the person approved of the overall commotion being great for business….. or that she didnt come to inspect the store, but something more trivial such as the computer software, and handing out a newer version that will be distributed to all the stores.

Oh crave, you are like the drug dealer I’ve never had.
But instead of physical drugs, you dish out digital heroine in the guise of a comic. <3

I love this page! LOVE IT!! It’s such a great take on life! On the day to dayness of everything we do and how easy it is to forget it will someday be the past so live up it, (even if it’s just playing nerf wars in your down time) so that you enjoy life!

Aw, thanks! I needed my fix, RA hasn’t updated yet, and I LOVE BETWEEN FAILURES!! If you ever you make money off it, would you consider updating 5 times a week?

It used to be 5 times a week, but I can’t color and letter fast enough to make that many pages a week on my own. Even if I was making a lot of money I’m not sure I could work that fast. You never know though, I try to work smarter and faster all the time.

Aww, there goes the punchline I was hoping for.

I’d envisioned John realising that wait, weren’t there four of those? *Cut to Carol sneaking up behind him with the other two*

This page is good nonetheless. I just wanted to see Carol messing with John’s mind some more.

An ancient, noble sentiment!

“Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit.” (One day perhaps he will rejoice to look back even on this.) Vergil, _Aeneid_.

It was the motto of my high school Latin club.

“Damn you McNinja” No one said it and I was rereading the archive and saw the post and instincts kicked in

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