901 Go.

Thank you to those of you who sent happy birthday wishes to me, and also to those who voted for the comic even though it was a lost cause. I don’t know what the level of overlap in in those two groups but I appreciate the whole thing all the same.

Even without internet acces I had a nice birthday and got noce presents. Chief among them was a new PC. It was designed specifically for doing art on, and is very good. I am having the typical issues adapting to the new operating system and whatnot, of course. Problems like not being able to enter text in the blog field for the comic, just as an example. The original post for today was wiped for reasons I don’t fully understand. IE8, or whatever I’m using here has some strange issues with web forms. Anyway, the thing is so fast that when I go to save files it’s done as soon as I issue the command. So I sit and wait for it to finish even though it’s been done for several moments already. Then I do it again just to get a confirmation message.

So far everything seems to be working fine, apart from strange little problems. My scanner doesn’t have drivers for the new system, so that’s going to have to be dealt with eventually. Everything else seems to have what it needs. This thing might even be strong enough to handle streaming video of me drawing. Not that watching me draw is particularly rewarding…


I need to write down your birthday and do something special for it, dude. You totally deserve it, and I hope I’m not as ridiculously busy this time next year.

I’ll probably still doodle something in commemoration.

Silly John. Lungs do not work that way!

They actually do, but only if you stop. Smokers who join the military and stop smoking frequently have rather good results for respiration during BC/BT, above the average for non-smokers, provided they don’t have any linked problems like lung cancer.

… I think…

I’m guessing either brooksie or Carol will win: Carol ’cause she’s savvy enough to hide the evidence, or Brooksie because she’s so damn sneaky.

Also, third panel Nina is cute with that little “tootles!” wave she’s doing.

So I just started reading this comic about two days ago, finding it on that tournament, actually, (I voted for you after reading somewhere around three or four pages, if that) and just had to say that out of my ever-growing list of web-comics this one is probably my new favorite. You do amazing work with your wordplay and characters. You brought me immense joy these past two days of catching up from the beginning. Now I have to wait.

I’m glad to know you enjoyed the read, and am sorry I can’t make the comic faster for you. Hopefully it won’t be to traumatic to read it page by page now. Many thanks for trying it out.

Figured out most of your computer troubles. Internet Exploder, uh..Explorer. You do a great job in spite of it though.

Yeah, I’m not sure why he doesn’t just swap to FF (if he’s interested in controlling his computer) or GC (if he’s not…)

Hey dude Kid Icarus can use the circle pad pro which eliminates the control problems some left handed people have. Plus it comes with a stand.

Gotta go fast! Gotta go fast! Gotta go faster, faster, fasterfasterfaster! Moving at the speed of sound. Quickest hedgehog around. :D

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