899 Got Your Gun.

Let’s see, first things first, tomorrow by which I mean March 20th is the comic’s 5th(?) birthday.  (And my 36th…  I think.)  Not bad considering its humble beginnings.  I have no special plans for the occasion, but I thought I’d make note of it all the same. 

I’d like to thank all of you who voted in the comic contest thing.  It was 920 to 604 in our favor, so not too shabby.  The bad news is that Dr. McNinja got 2,626 votes last round…  So that’s not good.  I’m glad the comic didn’t get eliminated in the first round.  I’m sure that all the other competitors will do the only honorable thing and commit ritual suicide, in accordance with the webcomic’s code.  So fewer adversaries next year.  :D 

They haven’t posted the next thing yet, as far as I know, but TickNinja is likely our last stand. (edit: here’s the new link. http://www.comicmix.com/news/2012/03/19/mix-march-madness-2012-webcomics-tournament-round-2-vote-now/ )  People who don’t know webcomics know Dr McNinja.  I even read the first arc or so years ago, so I’m well aware of the quality BF is facing, unlike Monster Pulse, which I hadn’t even heard of before that day.  I can think of worse comics to be taken down by for sure. (Dresden Codak and LICD spring to mind…  >:|)  I’ll let you guys know when the new contest is up, so it doesn’t turn into more of a slaughter than is already quite likely.

In any case, no matter what happens, I appreciate all the votes.


Am…am I first?

Wow, that never happens. I’ve been reading this for a long time and it is one of my favorite webcomics! Seriously, if I had any friends who read webcomics, I would recommend this to them. You are doing a first-rate job!

the heck happened in the first panel? Did she grab his crotch?

So it might appear — that’s a ‘goomf’ face if I ever saw one. Thomas seems to recover quickly enough.

I have a friend who is famous for doing that — a big, strapping girl from a huge cattle station in Australia, she’s groped a number of guys. You don’t want to accept her challenge to arm-wrestle, either, unless getting tossed around like a rag doll is your idea of fun. I only know one guy who could beat her — so she married him.

Well, that’s two votes in favor of Nina’s scent. Someone should’ve asked Ed his opinion after she tackled him.

The way they talk about Reggie in this scene almost seems bully-like, making him do the dirty work, and kind of talking rudely behind his back :/ Well I guess they have their reasons… but still…

Reminds me of many of the anti-Reggie posters here. He could cure cancer and they’d still do nothing but insult him.

So garbage is fine, but Reggie-cooties is icky?

And damn, that second panel gun-pose is full of awesome.
Well, Nina’s is, anyways.

I don’t know why, but Nina looks a lot more attractive in these last few pages. I guess a little change can do a lot.

Nerf guns not selling?
I’m finding it real had to suspend my disbelif here Crave.

Some nerf guns really never leave the shelves. If you’re in a really small town, it’s actually likely that they’ll never be gone until the store throws them out.

I DO LOVE THIS COMIC. That being said, I was curious about the layout….

The first panel: Shouldn’t this actually be two separate panels? The way it is right now almost looks like Thomas is there with his twin. Also the perspective on Thomas’s Left Arm (while he’s covering his mouth) seems a bit off. (not that I could do any better, just making an observation)

Love the writing as always. now, back to my little corner to lurk. <.<

That’s Nina’s arm shoving him in the mouth. I wanted to see if I could get away with this layout. So far, not so much.

With the explanation that it’s Nina that shot makes much more sense. And as an artist, it’s always important to try new things, even if they dont work out the way you would like, right? Again, thank you for the time and effort you put into making this comic. I, for one, find it an enjoyable read, and come back often to stay up to date.


Many happy returns of your birthday. :)

Congrats on 5 years!

And just to let you know i used to read LICD.

What broke you of it?

I stopped reading LICD about 2 years ago. It was getting more and more, well, deranged. Having read the archive from the start upon discovering it, it just was going totally different places. I guess the main character as an incurable horndog was more tolerable than am incurable megalomaniac.

I stopped reading LICD about 2 years ago. It was getting more and more, well, deranged. Having read the archive from the start upon discovering it, it just was going totally different places. I guess the main character as an incurable horndog was more tolerable than am incurable megalomaniac.

BTW, the RSS is sort of working, but it updates days after the strip is up.

I realize this is completely unrelated to the discussions at hand, but I had to post this.

I just recently picked up an album called Rapprocher(sp?) by Class Actress and as soon as I saw the lady on the cover, I immediately thought that’s what Nina Grace would look like in real life. Just felt like sharing that. :) (Also, this is a boss comic. My girlfriend and I are both in love with it.)

That’s actually not a bad match for her general facial structure. It’s harder to see with the dark hair.

Glad you both like the comic. Thanks for reading!

I love the idea of a nerf war in the store. It sounds mre cool than the marshmallow-gun fights my friends and I have, because it would be in a friggin huge store!

I also have a large soft spot for Dresden Codak. I enjoy Diaz’s art style and the stories he tells.

For the record, Nerf gun wars inside a large retail store are cool. You never find all the darts.

You’re allowed to like whatever you like. I’m glad you find time for my work too. I actually think the comic is exquisitely beautiful.

I haven’t been reading since day one, just since the abandoned school arc, but I’ve really enjoyed the comic just the same.

Keep up the good work, and have a drink or two in celebration. Wait, it’s your birthday too? Never mind then, just get piss drunk and have a good time.

Really though, congrats and here’s to five more.

Uhh, do yourself a favor and go back thru the archives.

Thomas and Carol alone is totally worth it. Take the time. You won’t regret it

You should draw out Nina’s collarbone and put a few more folds in the clothing like the shirts. She looks hot with a gun too. :) I wonder where she shops to get those neat red jeans? I agree that the first panel should have been split into two and also something to tell that that is Nina’s arm blocking Toms mouth (I thought he was blocking his own mouth at first).

A bit late, but Happy Natal Festival to both you and your webcomic. I look forward to each installment, really enjoy the writing and love to see the development in the art. You’re hitting more and more sweet spots art-wise as it goes. Never stop trying new things.

I wander around and try new webcomics here and there, and have dropped more than a few over time. I’ve stuck with Between Failures because it has heart, the dialogue rings true, the art’s easy on the eyes..and I want to know what happens next!

Just to clarify…

I like Dr McNinja. It is one of the ones I like. I can’t not-like it. It is quirky and amusing.

Least I Could Do …. I borderline between disliking and… liking ironically just because lots of people hate it. That is kind of a thing I do. It is ~bad~ … but its badness amuses me. There are a few webcomics like that.

Dresden Codak is like the gold-sprinkled caviar of webcomics. There isn’t much of it, but the sheer quality that is condensed into that small amount is far above and beyond what I could expect from just about any other webcomic… to the point that it is kinda overwhelming. It is a very rich sometimes-food of a webcomic.

Monster Pulse is… cute… in a sort of surreal way. Like if Pokémon was done by the Brothers Grimm. I don’t really like the art style, and the story is kinda weak… but just the underlying concept holds it together through sheer oddness. Its alright. Yours is better.

… K. Done sharing my webcomic opinions for now.
Namedrop any more and I’ll comment on those too. I webcomic lots. =3

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