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An Among Us reference for the title? That game was over months ago. It fell off faster than Fall Guys. Look at this boomer trying to appeal to the youths. That’s what’s really sus. You know what isn’t sus however? Supporting your favorite comic creator on Patreon. Or me, if you’d rather support your statistically likely 3rd favorite creator, who probably needs it more.

These Patreon segues amuse me a lot more than they should.

I was thinking about how different the world would be if I ran an ad agency the other day. It probably wouldn’t last very long with ideas like “Campbel’s soupa maka you poopa!” For a brief time it would be glorious though.

Anyway, I finally got new lenses for my glasses. They’re just regular so I can’t see close up with them still. Honestly I’m not sure the optometrist really knew what they were doing. I can see well enough to function at least & I can’t afford another $300 bill to get someone more adept to do it over. Maybe after covid in a year or so I can go someplace where they have a good reputation. Mostly I had to do this right now because my driver’s license expired & I needed a current eye exam so I could get a new one online without having to go to the DMV & deal with that load of horse shit. I got my new card today so for $330 dollars I can legally drive a car. Emotionally is another matter, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Anyway, none of that matters because the most important thing is I can keep making this comic for you. Frankly, the way things are right now I wish I still had a slice of life webcomic that I could look forward to reading that wasn’t one I made. All the ones I used to like have taken to telling me how to live & think & I don’t enjoy that. At the very least I prefer my propaganda to be subtle, the way I do it. Sneaky like, over decades, so you don’t realize it’s happening UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What was I saying? Doesn’t matter. I hope you have a nice weekend. I’m going to the store tomorrow, so maybe I can get some Lego minifigure blind bags. That will be fun. There’s a new set out & I’m giving my accidental doubles to my nephew. I like that because it makes me feel like I didn’t waste my money. At least not counting the buying them in the first place… There’s a centaur in this new set, so that’s fun.


Not gunna lie, you are one of 3 people i support on patreon :) And i agree with you on the slice of life comics, the others i used to enjoy have turned very preachy and it makes me sad. For some reason however yours has been the only webcomic i’ve ever supported on patreon, and it appears that has been the right decision, it seems as though yours is the only one that i still follow that i still really enjoy. Thanks for continuing to do what you do well, and consistently. you don’t get as much notoriety as you should in my honest opinion :)

Have you tried Questionable Content? I dunno, I still enjoy it. It’s gotten better over the years as far as I’m concerned. Slice of life with AI and I haven’t found it preachy and certainly found it engaging.

A couple of them ended, but depends on how slice-of-life you want (most of my comics are some kind of fantasy). they’re good reads. Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire is good; also, it kinda shares my birthday, so I’m partial. Gets deep, emotional, a tad cringy at times even, but I don’t think it gets heavy handed. I find myself re-reading it a lot, even if some parts are harder than others to swallow cause sad and I got attached to the characters. But it’s real- was inspired by the artist’s real life. He does other work too, Star Power (but had a different artist for that one)

Also, yu + me dream. This one is… actually a lesbian romance comic? But I found it and read it as it was being written at a point in my life that was extremely low (Actually, the same point I found your comic, if you can believe it’s been that long, wow, over a decade yeah). It’s really good, kinda sexy, very cool, and while I don’t much enjoy the creator’s other works, I really liked this one.

Also I guess Modest Medusa is up there for slice of life but fantasy. I think it’s… kinda convoluted at points, but it does tend to draw you in and be interesting, and it’s really gone to a place I didn’t expect coming and I’ve enjoyed being there- might be worth a look.

Also, I am going to pay attention to the thread this time, and see if there is a way to contact about the discord invite for once maybe???? >_> <_<

because I’m trying to get on twitter and it is hating me so…. I dunno….. I’m rather social media illiterate, apparently

QC is a prime example of the preachy slice-of-life comics out there. Haven’t read it since 2016, when Mr. Jacques decided to use his platform to push his politics. I stopped reading Devil’s Panties last year for the same reason. Something Positive is usually non-political, and mostly amusing, even if he no longer posts daily. Wapsi Square is also fun on a regular basis. The replay of Girls With Slingshots is always fun (at least for me), and of course, this particular comic is always wonderful (thanks again, Jackie). Hope you find something fun to read that doesn’t try to warp reality in a bad way.

What politics in QC are you referring to? I’ve been a long time reader and I don’t recall it ever delving into that particular dumpster fire.

He’s probably talking about how it has trans and gay people in it. And treats them like people. Which they are.

I laughed out loud at the final panel. Great job… as expected.

Would you like advice on comics to read? If you want advice, I’m full of it!

Regrettably, most of my recommendations are either ended or on hiatus. But there is a lot of stuff you can read.

Multiplex — completed. Slice of life with folks who work at a multiplex movie theatre.


The Four of Them — ongoing! Slice of life with high school students in Argentina. The first story arc evoked strong emotions in me… one of the characters got *really* upset and I felt that the writing of the story really earned it.


I Wish I Were You — ongoing! slice of life with friends at a high school in Seattle.


Let Me Love You — on hiatus. Leon is sweet on Sofia, but too shy to make a move. Sofia, tired of her friends nagging her about dating, asks Leon to pretend to be her boyfriend. I like it a lot! It’s on hiatus right now, because it’s being retooled and will be relaunched as a “Webtoon Original” comic.


I Love Yoo — on hiatus. Some of the early comics made me actually laugh out loud. A comic set in Korea. The protagonist (given name: Shin-Ae; family name: Yoo) is a 17-year-old high school student with few friends and a tragic past; she gets tangled up with some ultra-rich people, and something like friendship starts growing. There are several male characters she could be romantically paired with but it’s not clear to me who, if anyone, she will pick. The woman who creates it has had some health problems and it’s currently on hiatus. I hope the creator will get 100% healthy and resume this.


Leftover Soup — completed. Slice of life adventures featuring a chef with amazing dexterity, a computer repair expert who is amazingly smart, and a young woman who works at a pet shelter and has three boyfriends and a girlfriend (plus dozens of friends who have sex and/or orgies with her on the regular). The chef would be a great romantic match for the repair expert… and she’s starting to realize it… but she already told him to stay away from her and he’s doing as he was asked.


Let’s Speak English — completed. Autobio slice of life about the 2.5 years the comic creator spent teaching English in a small town in Japan. 143 strips total.


Avalon — stopped. Slice of life of high-school students in Canada. I’m quite fond of this one, but it ends abruptly. The creator literally wrote a short text description of what would have happened if he had finished it. But there’s a lot of story in the many comics there. (I actually sent the creator a guest comic, and he ran it! I can’t draw so it was one of his comics with all-new text.)


The person who made leftover soup has an interesting comic they’re currently working on. Forward is about I don’t know how to define it. http://forwardcomic.com/ There’s an AI and a combat vet and the main character is mostly a ball of confusion, anxiety, entitlement and reclusive good intentions.

I do read Forward. My favorite character is Zoa.

I read a lot of web comics, but I was trying to recommend only what Jackie asked for: slice-of-life comics that don’t hit you over the head with an agenda.

Jackie, here’s one more slice of life comic, which does have a bit of an agenda so I didn’t mention it before. It’s about a trans girl named Rain going to a high school. The comic creator is herself trans. There’s a little bit of “quota” going on… one of her friends is gay, one of her friends is lesbian, one of her friends is asexual, one of her friends is pansexual, one of her friends is intersex, etc. She even has a straight friend! But IMHO this isn’t a lecturing, in-your-face political comic, or else I wouldn’t still be reading it. After reading it for years I genuinely like Rain and her friends.


P.S. I read through the archives of _Avalon_ again and I still recommend it. I’m sad that the creator got so burned out that he walked away from it.

While reading through the archives I found the guest comic I contributed. It will only make sense if you have seen a “Peanuts” animated cartoon (like _A Charlie Brown Christmas_). When I was a wee lad that would have been everyone but these days maybe not.


That was my edit of this comic:


I shouldn’t be all mysterious. In the Peanuts cartoons, whenever an adult is speaking, you don’t ever hear a voice, but just this “wah wah wah” noise. Then a child will paraphrase what was allegedly just said. That’s what I based my joke on.

_Avalon_ used to run five or six days a week, but then run guest comics on Sunday. So my comic was a Sunday guest comic. I’m not the only one who made a guest comic by just editing one of the actual comics and changing what was in the speech balloons; it was actually pretty common.

I remember checking out all of these comics before! I’m most excited for LMLY because it is now out of hiatus, yay.

I wouldn’t say that Among Us has completely ended. There’s like people with millions of subscribers still playing the game with mods daily (like Disguised Toast and Socks). All of Disguised Toast’s friends are making thousands of dollars in subs when they play together. There’s also two other games out that have the same premise that are doing well (First Class Troubles and then one that has an animal theme). So maybe vanilla Among Us is over, at best.

Steveha mentioned the Four of the Them, and I love that webtoon. It’s actually a really good slice-of-life comic. There’s also My Giant Nerd Boyfriend. However, I usually avoid other slice-of-life comics because they are too … not me? I read your comic and ones like Weak Hero that are more relatable.

Yeah, as a farm kid I spent a lot of my teenage years building fence, doctoring cattle, working at the stockyards etc. with my dad. it just seemed like chores at the time but was also a lot of time spent that a lot of teens don’t get. You don’t really realize the value of it until your own children start to hit that age.

Jackie, there are no words for how much I appreciate your attempts to keep this a slice of life comic. So many other parts of life are in social justice, or political, turmoil right now and the fact that I still have something I can turn to that still strives to be free of that crap while so many other things are bending the knee to it is a comfort beyond measure. That is a comfort I very dearly need right now. Thank you very much for providing it.

There’s only I think two webcomics I’ve read in the last ten-fifteen years that I’ve given up on because of their politics/social-justice-warriorness and that’s more that there was no story involved. Just constant lectures.
I’m kind of fascinated by the amount of people who think that none of that should be in a slice of life comic as they come up on the regular in my life and I spent a number of years working dead-end jobs for big corporations.

That is not to say you should force storylines that don’t feel right to you. I enjoy this comic a lot. I was just surprised by the commentary about other comics’ storylines.

I agree with that.
for drawing-type arts, the tv shows, Tom + Jerry , + the bugs bunny/Warner Brothers cartoons, are still seen on TV.

They may be seen as “low art”, but after some, long days- I feel much better after seeing: Tom, or Jerry, or [Daffy Duck], getting tossed in a lake.
To each their own fun, I guess.

I hear you on the slice of life comics becoming preachy and telling people how to think. One I used to read that was really funny and was ridiculous humor and some slightly dirty humor has gone full on preach. I would recommend Something Positive and Questionable Content as someone else mentioned. They seem to have stayed the course of just being a slice of life comic.

Hey, if you have single vision lenses and a fairly simple prescription, you might want to give zennioptical . com a try. Not affiliated, but before I moved to no-line bifocals, I got glasses there more than once-worked great. Just make sure you have a value for the pupillary distance, as they often do this at your glasses place, and they don’t always put it on your prescription from the optometrist. They will give you a little gauge, or you might be able to get it some other way. They need it to know where to center the curvature of the lenses, I think. I got a pair of aviator style with tinted lenses and a saddle bridge for under $20 shipped. They can do no lines and bifocals, I think, but that seems a little involved for something mail-order.

+1 for Zenni. Their base units are very inexpensive, although you have to cough up a bit for (nicer) aspheric high index lenses.

Also, I’ve been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempted to buy a cheap secondhand optician trial lens kit from ebay so I could just do my own prescription. It would take some actual industry experience to do a prescription from scratch that way, but if you were just tweaking your known prescription every year or two, it SEEMS like it would work :)

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