2146 Well, Shit…

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The panel of Thomas clicking the safe tumblers is basically the image I intended to draw many pages ago to establish how the safe was part of the wall. I was sick at the time and got lazy, which caused some confusion. Honestly I should go back & pop this panel in to the page where they notice it, so new readers don’t have to go through the problem of not understanding things because of my failure to properly tell a story with pictures.


I wonder, was the guy a leftie or known for trickery? Maybe it was the son’s birthday from right-to-left, not the traditional left-to-right?

Still worked out just fine; I totally get that they’re trying to open a safe.

…I smell a Friday cliffhanger ahead….

I bet it’s his son’s death day. Morbid, sad, snd the thing of most importance at the end of his life.

I may have been watching too many Lockpicking Lawyer vids because my first instinct was “shim it and see if the most common tumbler combi lock bypass that’s been perpetuated by masterlock for ages is in this lock too”.

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