273 You Smell Like Candy.

That’s right.  The shiny, happy, adventure continues.  At the end you’ll all have DIABEETUS!  Those of you who already have diabeetus will get SUPER ULTRA DIABEETUS II HYPER FIGHTING EDITION!  I’m sorry…  I’m so sorry…


XD Funniest commercial EVAR! I can’t believe I just said evar……… …. take some more…. ….. …. … and a tad more… =P reminds me of the lolcat. Diabeetus. =P

Yep, I had to do a triple-take to realize that Brooksie’s hands had not left their sleeves, and that those were in fact John’s hands. Still, I was ALMOST fooled.

John’s shining moment, hugged by both Nina and Brooksie. Even if Brooksie is just there for the Nina-hug.

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