1392 Balanced Breakfast.

No one is going to be surprised when I say I like these sort of fashion panel pages. Even though color is not necessarily my strong suit. Don’t worry I’ll make a full size version of Nina for you to use as wallpaper. I’ll probably make an alternate version for my Patreon supporters. Which I did with the last panel of Alex from a couple of pages ago. I edited it into a summer fun scene. The link is Nina on the side, as always, if you want to check that out.
I originally tried to see if I could make Nina’s running gear look like Rainbow Brite’s uniform, but it’s a really busy design and doesn’t lend itself to sport. The shoes are kind of a nod to the aesthetic of the 80s, but I made them too normal to make them stand out in that way. Whatever though, it’s fine.

Nobody entered my Amiibo contest. I forgot to write about it earlier because… nobody entered. It makes me think that perhaps the value of Amiibos is much lower than ebay makes it seem. I decided to give Marth to the only person who had art ready for today. If any of you who made trade offers are interested in selling let me know. If you can do better than ebay I might be interested.

The auction for the drawing of Carol ends on Sunday, I think. It’s getting pretty crazy though. I think she beat Brooksie in the first day and then everyone started the long wait… Since Carol is so strident she doesn’t get the kind of constant praise Jo does, so it’s easy for me to think that Jo is the more popular of the two. It’s kind of a hard metric to pin down since not everyone sees the world in terms of that sort of contest.

I haven’t decided who is going next. I was thinking Reggie, because I have a soft spot in my heart for the little bastard. What do you guys think? It’s tempting to just stick with the girls since they are so much more popular. After I do the regular cast I was thinking of doing them in some sort of cohesive set. Like everyone wears bunny costumes or something. Cat ears. Just a thought.

I ordered some new pens with the money from some of the older ones so I could make the newer ones better. My other markers wore out halfway through Carol. XD I liked the hand drawn picture so well that I took a photo and made a version that I can make a print of. I’d like it for my wall. If I do it I’ll get you guys a link in case you want one too.

And now, because my friend Jack asked for it…
Teen Corner
hello world of internet guess who!! bet you cant guess that’s right its me the TEEN!! I have returned for well awhile at least. not sure any of you particularly care but oh well. so yesterday I went to the carnival and guess what it sucked because I’m too fat to fit on a lot of the rides well I have words for you carnival ride inventers we aren’t all a size 11 yes I am big yes I like food a bit to much and I have gained some weight since I moved to Colorado but honestly us fat people should be allowed to enjoy carnivals to! who’s with me? fatties unite! lolol just kidding there was my little rant for the day anyways it was still alright I won a little stuffed zebra and a pig so that was fun. I got made of by the carnie guy at the carnival because I couldn’t fit on the ride in my mind I was like got a problem chubbs? you couldn’t handle all a dis! apparently my inner self cant use proper grammar. haha school is now out so I can write more and bug Jackie lots so that’s fun. I had a sleepover the other night 8 people in my tiny room that went well we ended up migrating to the living room with my mattress and passing out it was pretty uneventful. Then today I attempted to dye my hair blonde which did not go well so I will be attempting to fix it tomorrow fun hair times. I am kidnapping my friend, as Jackie calls her, Rainbow Dash for a week. She is on her way as we speak so that’s exciting. other than that I am sleeping eating and terrorizing all who approach me XD hope you enjoyed my not so exciting stories see ya next time well more like write ya next time! goodnight all from the very tired and bored teen


Damn. Nina is even taller then Jess. God lord. Also, this page confirms Jo has not in fact told Nina she’s with Jess. Which really makes my hope that Jo’s in Jess’ room still asleep even higher. I need the reaction from Nina of Jo walking sleepily out of Jess’ room. I NEEDS IT!

Seconded! Also, really like the comic. Very well written and a nice story. I like clicking the random button to see what arc it takes me too. Funny thing about that though, is that it eventually cycles through the “random” comics it took me too. So I have to click the forward or back buttons too for it to be truly random.


I don’t normally find blonds attractive, but you’ve made Nina so appealing that it is hard to believe anyone could resist her

Today’s prediction: Ed is going to regret getting Jess to answer the door … he must also be half asleep if he doesn’t already …

If those underlined bits are meant to go together, it can be taken the wrong way and come off a tich creepy.

Umm … yes they would … however, the intended use is to add hidden messages that appear when you “mouse” over them …

I’m assuming that he’s expecting Nina’s visit, and needed Jess to let her in while he finishes grooming.

I hope Nina’s part of that balanced morning breakfast!

(sorry for that lame pun :P)

That’s not a pun. That’s double entendre.

More of a single entendre, really.

Now I’m not sure… Does it have two meanings or not?

Well, that really depends if two things are being implied. Nina being a part of that breakfast could be taken several ways, to be honest. She could just be a guest, a course in the meal (Yay cannibalism), or the focus of a good… ahem… tongue lashing, so to speak.

That said, I think of the three, only the last one was really being implied. The wording doesn’t really lend itself well to any of the other possible implications, or at least, I don’t think it does.

it’s a double entendre by definition (double being two and entendre meaning to understand or understanding). a double entendre basically means that it’s understood by the the listener to have two meanings. not to be confused with double entente which means that the speaker had two intents with his/her phrasing.

a good, non-sexual, for instance would be the Cyclops’s use of no-one in the odyssey.

Sweet mother-of…
If she came to my door in the morning…

Congrat’s on the current success of the auction, Crave.

And thank you for doing what you do.

Welcome back, Miss.
I feel Your pain about carnival rides,
I was always too tall to ride…
Safety clearances and all that…

Fear not, I was (unfortunately) just under the limit back in those days, but I still ducked in fear of losing my head.

The unfortunate part was that I’m 5′ 11″, a single inch shy of the “Six Foot Tall Club”.

I’m with you, Teen.

I think that carnival rides should be made to fit [ the biggest people that the world can make], as well as be made to fit [ the smallest people that the world can make].
Let’s make room for everyone.
* Insert a hang-loose hand gesture, here.*

I’ll just say I passed six-foot in the first full summer of puberty, and I’ll leave it at that.

No, I don’t, and won’t, play basketball.
I play football.
Without padding.
You can run…but You’ll only eat that dirt tired.

Why do tall women with, like, acres of long, lovely legs insist on capping them off with clunky, junky sneaks? It just looks so… cool.

My former girlfriend is 6’2″ (had breakfast with her and her roommate this morning) and she does the same thing. It wasn’t too warm last night so she wore slacks to work — she’s an overnight OR nurse — but sometimes she wears shorts and matching stockings with her ‘clown kicks’. She has remarkable legs for a woman who is 37 and is, self-admittedly, a little broad of beam.


I’m sitting here wondering how a picture of Maddy would do on eBay… Especially with the way she screws up her face when she’s trying to concentrate.

This is bringing back bad memories of high school gym, where we had to run at least 2.4 km in 12 minutes…there was a blonde girl with legs as long as Nina’s who floated effortlessly around the track and kept going after the requisite number of laps, and then there was me, short with stubby legs and asthma, panting, red-faced and dying as I struggled and failed to meet the gym requirement. Ed seems a lot fitter, so I truly hope their running date will not be like that…

The day after you mentioned the contest, Nintendo announced they would be doing another run of Marth amiibos. But it’s probably because no one really had the time. I know I didn’t have the time to enter.

I think Jackie/The Teen are doing something subliminal to those who follow all of his media.

Twitter: “Rainbow Brite is basically an analog for the internet: Two hairy, middle aged, creeps stalk children every day.”

After Nina is portrayed in a sexy panel (not like a pin-up but if Jackie does a full body shot its always with some love): “make Nina’s running gear look like Rainbow Brite’s uniform”

Can’t confirm if The Teen is in on it (unless of course there isn’t really a The Teen and naught but a Jackie text puppet! *starts constructing tin foil hat*) but a more subtle use of a rainbow themed children’s cartoon character appears: “I am kidnapping my friend, as Jackie calls her, Rainbow Dash” Now chained with the word kidnapping strengthening the connection to the original comment on nefarious activities.

What are they up to? *slams hat firmly on head and hides under the table*

I think Jess knows what she wants to start her day with….

No! Bad! Bad! Jess is with Jo now! Don’t encourage her to cheat on our sweet Brooksie.

I’m going to say this only because no one else has:

What if Jess convinces Jo to have a menage a trois with Nina one of these days? Of course, this implies that Jo will be comfortable with screwing her girlfriend and best friend, as well as Nina having been established as bisexual.

On account of her tender, loving, understanding attitude, the latter is all too plausible. Also, it makes us wonder what kind of super bitch she was in her past…

So why’s it always gotta be about sex? Can’t people just be friends without getting naked together?

Jeez, I HATE it when other people are as perverted as me…

Ahhhhhhhh! I can’t believe I missed the deadline. ;~;

I had my entry (poor as it is) ready last night and was going to scan and submit it today, since I assumed when it said that the contest ended on the 22nd, that the 22nd was the last day to enter. Yes, I’m an idiot.

I wanted to enter on behalf of my roommate, who’s trying really hard to collect Fire Emblem Amiibos and has been a fantastic guy all around, helping support me while I look for work after college. I figured maybe this was something small I could do in return, so naturally I screw up. Oh well. XD

It’d be a waste to just sit on this, though… any place I could send this? The email address is gone since the original post got deleted, and I can’t find contact info anywhere. ;~;

Ahh forgot the amiibo contest. I was out of town so if slipped my mind. I feel bad it tanked though, I’ll get mine out tomorrow. Hopefully. I’m kinda slow drawer.

Dang, had been hoping to enter but school punched me in the face.
Wish you’d have gotten more entries ;c … though it felt a bit short/short-notice, in a way? S: ah well.

Oh man.
Ed set this up so smooth. Like, you remember how smooth Ed did this? The archives remember.

I fear, I fear for Ed. Nina is so into him , that could make things difficult.
I restrict myself from reading the blurb under the panel because, well, with only few exceptions I really think artists and storytellers do themselves a disservice by relating extras through that space in the web format. And I know you often use it for that, and I can’t filter where you’re doing that from where you might be doing something else. I compensate by reading it after later panels go up. (And definitely a valid response is *not* to split up the blurb, because if it has justification then it -has- to be a uniform and untrammeled interface with the author.)
Sorry your amiibo offer was a bust. Makes a funny story, right?

To answer her question, yes she is taller now than before. During the day gravity squishes our spine down a few inches and when we sleep our spine stretches to normal. You are 3 inches taller when you wake up.
This of course really messes astronauts when they get back to Earth.

To be honest, all I can do is stick figures in paint….so yeah. I really didn’t wanna embarrass myself by entering the contest. I get that everyone starts somewhere and practice makes perfect but I kinda gave up on art contests unless its a performance or writing…

If someone could take Between Failures, animate it and voice the characters, that would be the greatest days ever.


Pretty much what I expect Ed to be screaming in his head when he walks out and sees them.


If you are thinking of drawing the cast in a group shot- you could draw the cast as the characters from The 1979 Mad Max film, or Mad Max 3. I think Jo, or Reggie, would make a good Max. : )

P.S. There’s also the 1977 Star Wars characters.

With Nina’s use of the term “wee lamb”, now I’m hearing her voice in my head with a slight Irish brogue. I may go back through the comic with this idea. Should be interesting.

This page just has all kinds of sexy going on for it, from the outfits, to the posing, to the facial expressions. Nice work

Oh now I see sneaker mention, yeah, I dig them! I didn’t notice on previous reads because I was distracted, funnily enough!

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