1393 Bad Sister.

Today’s page is experimental. If nobody notices what I did I might just keep doing it. If everyone does I’ll go back to the old way. I’m on the fence about which way I want it to go.

And now a brief note about criticism. If you have something constructive to tell me it doesn’t bother me. Even if I may not agree with you. That said, if you couch your statement in misogynistic, racist, or bigoted, talk I am not going to listen to you. End of line.

Oaky, so, this week for ebay I decided to go with Reggie. I know that might seem insane, but hear me out. Reggie is super important to the comic, even though he’s kind of a douche. I don’t have a super clear idea about how the boys fall popularity wise. It’s possible that people still hate Reggie outright, in spite of his many layers. No matter how you look at thing though, he’s part of the family. Maybe he’s the bratty brother, or the racist grandpa, but he’s still part of it. I’m giving him his shop before, say, Ed, because I have a backup just in case nobody wants him. Anyway, here is his listing. LINK

I got to play Splatoon this weekend in their test run and I really liked it. I want it on day one, but I also have other things to buy, so I made this LINK to help offset the cost. Even more than the other drawings I’ve sold this is one of a kind. It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll ever do another one of these. If there is enough interest I might do one for Carol, Nina, or whoever gets asked for, but I doubt that’s going to happen. Anyway, here’s hoping someone wants these. XD

I’ve actually reached a point where I’ve got so much work to do, and requests for work, that it’s getting unruly. It’s not really a problem when you think about it. I mean I want people to want me to work and I’m glad I’m not having the opposite problem, but I wish I didn’t have to make people wait. Of course I’m only human so I guess people will have to understand that if there’s a waiting list there’s nothing that can be done about it. I do work in the order it’s received unless the job is super small and I can stick it in early. Basically I respect the order of a line. XD

Also, the patreon has a special version of this desktop. Link


Wait!! So Ed knows about Jo and Jess?? C’mon! We saw everyone’s reaction to Carol and Thomas being together, yet Jo and Jess you just skip over the reactions? Not cool.

You did see it. Poke around in the archives, you’ll see how he put it together.

I just went back from this page all the way to the first kiss and didn’t see it..

And I went from the kiss to here and didn’t see anything either…
Didn’t you just foresee it for later on ?

Pretty sure it’s the page where he walks in with Jo in Jess’ room and slowly backs out.

I don’t get it. What did you do.

It only makes sense that Ed would have figured it out, not everything needs to be shown.

Here I am looking for a change in art style or something. *Shrug*

Hmm… reactions are a lot of fun, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to skipping things like this every now and then to up the pace slightly. Whatever, I’ll stick around regardless xD

The first comment is annoyed I didn’t show enough and this one is annoyed that I did. Welcome to the internet. XD

No, I’m honestly not annoyed either way. I just realize I can’t have it both ways, and was hoping to point that out to other people as well so they can consider that they’re sacrificing one thing for the other before they state which way they’d rather have it. :-)

I want you to know I meant nothing negative by my comment, I’m only a bit sad we didn’t get to see it, because is known as such a quiet insecure girl who’s not so good with people outside of the store. So I can’t help but feel when they found out she and Jess got together they’d be happy for her and I’d of liked to of seen it. But even not this is still one of my favorite comics. :3

I love Between Failures, reactions or no. The characters are awesome. The writing is AWESOME. And the pace is just right.

Someone please explain this thing to me:
Is Jackie’s change that he didn’t [show a lot of pages, where the store’s workers react to Jess + Jo being together, or the worker’s reacting to other people dating]?
Sometimes I don’t see hidden items, which I guess is one of the characteristics of hidden things.

Oh for the love of all thats holy……just add some whiskers a cat tail and ears on Jess and that is just…..woof been watching too much anime arrgh not cool Jackie not cool lol that face is just amazing spot on perfect Jackie well done ^^

I noticed that too, its very subtle but that’s a cat lip smile.

Also I’m surprised Ed isn’t freaking out about being caught with a shirt off while Nina’s around.

Is the change in the eyes and eyebrows? Cause Ed’s eyebrows in Panel 2 are fierce.

This guy. Look back a few pages and they are pencil thin. Subtle change that goes a long way. I don’t know how you noticed that.

After going back in the archive I can also confirm that Ed wasn’t previously shirtless. A subtle change, I know, but one which ultimately adds character to the panels overall. I’m rooting for your theory about the eyebrow change (despite earlier statements, I actually haven’t gone back in the archive to check) but I’d laugh if Jackie comes back saying that he’s actually made Ed a bit taller, cause mannn Ed is looking short today. Congratulations, Ed you are no longer limited to staring at Nina’s bellybutton, your moving UP in the world.

“Entercoven on 2015/05/24 @ 11:12 pmReply

Pretty much what I expect Ed to be screaming in his head when he walks out and sees them.”

Fucking. Called it. XD

So this is what being scolded by a chihuahua must be like. Poor Ed.

I knew identical twins who weren’t the same height. The shorter one blamed getting hit by a wall as the reason why. She turned out to be the evil one when allegedly she stole the junior class prom funds and prom was cancelled that year.

The balloon pointers and connectors are outlined instead of solid black now.

The old style was fine as part of the strip’s style, but I’ll admit I like the change. It looks “right” to my eyes that have read far too many comics in far too many formats over the years.

It’s the speech bubbles that are different. They have more white space, instead of thin black lines connecting them together, and to the speakers.

Ed looks particularly short in this panel. Tyrion Lannister short.

I thought I was the only one that noticed that. He kind of looks like a hobbit. He wasn’t always that short, was he? Or is it really that Nina and his sister are incredibly tall?

In previous panels his height looks to level around Nina’s nose. But hey, boob height is fine too. I’m not complainin, I love this comic.

Am I the only one thinking “Pan to Ed realizing he is only in his boxers”? Because that would be hilarious. If that’s the case, time to pull out the fire-engine red, Jackie lol.

I in particular like the scolded puppy expression. If she was flirting I’m sure it was unconsciously. Nina would have that effect on anyone, especially since she’s got the sweet personality going.

I feel dumb. I just assumed the experimental thing was that he dropped in Jesus to see how we react to it.. At least thats what I thought given his disclaimer on bigotry and stuff…

Jess’s like watching Capt. Jack Harkness, sometimes someone has to say “stop that” even if she is just saying ‘hello’.

Is the way that Jess is holding her arms and hands a Jess-thing? She had her arms like that in Friday’s comic as well – ninety degrees at the elbow, hands dangling down from the wrists – and it seems like a position that takes far more effort than just letting the arms hang down.

@Crave: If You hadn’t said something everyone would have noticed by now.

Keep up the good work!

No one else said it, so I will.
Ed is very attractive in that second panel.

Was the experiment the hee hee? I really like Nina here. Just that “oh, these two are adorable. Should I be breaking this up?” look she’s got. Like when kittens are being ridiculous and you’re not sure if you should laugh or save them, or both.

Someone had to point out the difference or I wouldn’t have gotten it. I switch from comic to comic. Not tons of them but just enough that I wouldn’t notice a balloon change when the change matches the last comic I was on (somewhat). So count me among those who didn’t notice.

“misogynistic, racist, or bigoted, talk”

*rereads last pages comments*

*finds nothing*

‘K now I’m worried cause I didn’t see anything like that and the closest thing to a disturbing comment is my own. I see it as humorous and tying in to other off color jokes that Jackie made but well, you know what they say: “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.”

Probably nothing though, I worry a lot.

I think I’ve noticed the experiment, but I really don’t want to ruin it for everyone else. Thus if you are trying to spot the experiment don’t look.


Jackie you sneaky person, editing the panel from the last page. Almost didn’t spot it, the subtle differences between the two threw me off for a moment or to. Very sneaky. Wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t mentioned it.

I doubt many others will spot it. It was very well done.

Well, at least my sister never seduced any of my coworkers. And if she did, just, eww.

If you have something constructive to tell me it doesn’t bother me. Even if I may not agree with you. That said, if you couch your statement in misogynistic, racist, or bigoted, talk I am not going to listen to you. End of line.

There were morons in the Earth in those days; and also after that, when the Sons of Bitches came after the Daughters of Men, and they were hard to bear.

Well, opinions are like @$$H0135, everybody has one, but not everyone wants to know about it.

Smallish town and someone looking to put together a harem of people of a similar age group makes for only so many choices.

Not sure how the boys fall popularity wise?
Hmm, well I can hardly speak for everyone, but for me;
1. John
2. Reggie
3. Edward
4. Mike
5. Wesley
6. Thomas

Heh heh. Seeing Ed standing next to Nina like this, it really shows how he’s at the perfect height, doesn’t it?

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