272 No Hug For You.

When I got the idea for this week’s stuff I was all like, “Am I really going to do an entire week of pages about the cast hugging?”  Then I was all, “Looks like it.”  I mean, this whole thing kind of evolved out of the original script and I just ran with it.  The more I deviate from my original idea the more deviation it causes.  The whole thing has gotten away from me.  Still, I got a week’s worth of pages out of it, I guess.  It’s not like I’m drowining in idea here.  Seems like it would be a bad idea to just let them get away.


I think there is a precedent for people getting sucked in by hugs. The Flickr photo site has tons of pictures with people holding “free hugs” signs & getting hugs. Hugs are good!

Hugs are very good ^.^ Hugs are the most common “plot line” I guess you could call it, that end up taking up lots and lots of stuff.

called the line in the previous comic. though, after i entered it, i thought that i should have added failman to it. hmm…now im glad i didnt for some reason

I was with my friends when they decided to do the free hugs thing at a mall. Everyone but me had a sign reading “Free Hugs.” Most people would think then I wouldn’t want hugs, right? Well no I got the most for some reason or another. Hugs are strange and powerful things.

I think that this close moment still reveals and builds the characters and their relationships. So its a good move if you ask me.

SotiCoto, submissive guys are the cutest. Especially if they’re girly, too. I wish I had a boyfriend like that right now =D

Did you get one?
Just asking. It has been a few years.
Can’t say as I get your tastes though. I’m all cat. I wouldn’t be submissive for anyone. I can do cute, but it is the kind of cute that involves murdering small animals and lining them up on the doorstep.

“No hug for you”: the most hurtful sentence in existence. Not even gloating over one’s imminent victim’s family’s slow and torturous deaths and the desecration of their remains can match it for sadness, though it does inspire far more rage.

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