“It’s important to respect your partner’s hobby.”

Also, please don’t make fun of how long, or how short, his [camera lens] might be. ;D

Despite not being of an orientation that seeks it, I am at least able to comprehend when I am seeing excellence in the male form, and my desire for equality makes me happy that those who do seek it are getting a great moment of fanservice after this comic has given me so much.

So, thanks. This is appreciated.

Yeah, that part is certainly awkward. It was much awkward when I was younger and still is to this day to some degree. Guys know what they want to see on girls, but knowing what girls want to see? MUCH harder prospect. Takes like two levels of empathy for completely alien conditions.

Thomas must be one of those naturally slim guys. At that age I was pretty physically active and was still starting to rock a bit of a dad bod.
I still occasionally like the idea of setting up a darkroom but the ability to take a hundred photos as cheaply as you take one is one of the great benefits of digital photography. I’m wondering how Thomas will react to the photos of himself.

Wow, Thomas is saying stuff that’s run through my head almost word for word. I’ve been aware of women’s lingerie & glamour shots since, idk, I first became able to retain information? TV & even newspaper ads really were inescapable. But How To Be Sexy For Men is never something I’ve been privy to. Seems like the modern concept is just standing around in either full suits or just boxers; and stubble is crucial unless you have a “cute” chin/nose, whatever that means. And ofc the Hollywood ice-cube tray torso, but body image is a slightly different topic.

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