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Haven’t seen these fools in a while. A link to the thing I mentioned. Several hundered pages, in fact. Those of you who have never ventured into the archive won’t have a clue who these chumps are. Originally these 3 had a much more important role in the first stories, but they got shelved in favor of more important things. Which is why their little segment dead ends after 4 or 5 pages. The band that Emo Snape mentions, Sorry Is Surrender, doesn’t exist, but I thought it was a really cool name for a really shitty band. It’s exactly the kind of phrase that ends up as a blog title by someone you think is a pretentious dick.

Anyway, this whole gun battle was written ages ago, and I kept having to alter it because there was just no way I could draw it on my old tablet. There are actually several original scripst that keep getting put on the back burners because I simply can’t draw them in a timely manner. Some of them are so outdated now that I just salvaged the good lines and scrapped the overall ideas. This is just a reality I have to deal with because of my skills and tools. Working within one’s limitations while still reaching beyond them is a struggle everyone faces. Most people don’t do it in a public forum, but whatever.

I have had the weirdest couple of weeks for very random, very small, problems screwing up my flow. Alright, the tornado/power outage wasn’t small, but generally I have been plagued by an army of very minute issues. On their own they represent minutes of time spent fixing them, but as a whole those minutes add up. It’s kind of like being hit by an handfull of pennies. Stopping to pick up the pennies probably isn’t helping matters.

Oh, by the way, thanks for all the tips about various anime that are out there. I knew there had to be more going on than the surface of the net was showing me. I don’t know what I’ll have time to look over first, but at least I have the leads.


Wow…they’re back. I dunno whether to be creeped out or not. The Jolene look alike DEFINITELY creeps me out.

little brother or sister i think. either way would be cool. too bad they probably are going out of business, according to Thomas pre-color i think

I think baloon shirt is a dude. Crave, care to clarify?

These guys are still creepy, but baloon shirt looks a lot less so than the last time.

OF COURSE the guy in the balloon shirt is a dude!

He’s wearing a Pinkie Pie shirt after all :P

Oh good, I’m glad somebody actually commented on that – I’d been hoping to have been the first, but I’ll go ahead and promote this post for pointing it out. Pinkie Pie, Fuck Yeah!

There’s also the flat chest. That’s what I always look for.

I’ve seen girls with flatter, not too sure if they had issues with it or not, I was afraid to ask. but I do think that Blue Pinky there is a guy, just so it completes the male version girls set. will we get girl version guys next?

I actually do remember these guys, and was wondering when they’d show up again. The tallest one was hitting on Carol before she and Thomas were together.

Wasn’t he also your ava on DD for a while, if memory serves? If it wasn’t him, it was a very similar looking character.

And Carol told him she had a boyfriend, just remembered that detail.

Drama will likely ensue.

I have a bod feeling about this. The tall one’s intentions are not pure if memory serves.

Totally dig blue-hair’s hair… I have a wig that’s a little darker than that in a similar cut that, while it’s uncomfortable, looks awesome… doubly so on my gf.

Also, the “fwee” of the whistler dart made me snort… it’s clear to me that everything is put well together, and I’m happy you waited.

“The outcomes of the mind restricted in ability or tools can be one of the greatest things in life”

Sorry Is Surrender… It’s exactly the kind of phrase that ends up as a blog title by someone you think is a pretentious dick.

But since you’re neither pretentious (quite the opposite) nor a dick (well, I don’t know you personally, but you never came off that way in your writing), you toss it out to the crowd for ridicule. Niice… I wonder if there’s a market for Sorry Is Surrender T-Shirts? Too much of an in-joke? How did the Hipsters shirts do?

Oh, and the word folks are looking for to describe Pinkie Pie Guy is androgynous.

Did Reggie manage to get out of that without getting hit, too? Dude’s gotta have an 18 Dex. Too bad he dumped Wis to get it.

I don’t see that the Jolene wannabee is particularly androgynous, except that he’s wearing a T-shirt for little girls. That seems inexplicably popular these days, though.

Nah, its the whole fleeing from a bear attack thing… whoever is the slowest is the one that’s gunna get it. If I remember correctly Reggie, John, Nina have some background in sports, even if John smokes, he is still going be better off than Wes.

Also I totally agree with you about the Jolene wanna be, his arms and shoulders are too thick, and his torso is too straight.

Nah, Reggie’s rather accident prone, ruling out high dexterity. You’ll notice ha didn’t realy dodge Mike’s “Death Blossom” so much as jumped in surprise and managed not to get hit. I would say that for the time being, Reggie seems to have the Devils own luck!

Reggie is Between Failures’ “Nathan Drake”.
He has this power called “Love/Hate Relationship with the Environment.”
See, they’ll always bring up the time he nearly burned down the store by setting up a display.
But what they’ll never tell you, because they don’t even realize it, is that fire foiled a burglary in it’s infancy.

See as a brony that doesn’t like announcing it to the world, those are the kind of T-shirts I want. Something subtle, that tells people who know the show that I am one of them, but for people who don’t, it doesn’t get a second look.

I dub the short one “Joseph”, because “Male Jolene” is too much of a mouthful.

Also, never picture Emo Snape as a Native American. Or at least that’s what his pigmentation makes me think of him as.

Are you aware you’re in the running for Comic Mix’s NSFW webcomic tournament?

I’m a bit confused what’s NSFW about Between Failures, though IIRC there was one F-bomb somewhere in the black and white era.

Still, was surprised to see it in the NSFW version of the tournament.

That said, back to the comic. With Emo Snape here, thinking Carol is single, I predict that the rest of the store is going to know about their relationship pretty soon.

Yeah, they tweeted at me when they started that. It just goes to show you that Comicmix is not really interested in comics so much as getting pageviews any way they can. What little research they do is shoddy and the rest is just crowdsourcing, but whatever. As long as I get a few hits out of the deal it’s all good.

The rules for NSFW are so vague. The only NSFW stuff I do is cursing occasionally, but I get lumped in with all the others because there’s no gradation with the lable. I may as well just start drawing tits all the time if I’m going to be lumped in with Ogalf and Menage A3.

I decided not to pester people with that because the other thing they did was bad enough. Plus, since I don’t draw nudity, there’s no way I could win anyway. Between Failures is just filler so the contest will go on longer.

Also, she told him she had a boyfriend ages ago. He may, or may not, believe that.

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