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I really could write an essay on Thomas’s philosophy here and how Reggie internalized it, but it’s already posting time, so I guess I’ll leave it for now. Most of yesterday was spent upgrading from windows 10 to 11, so I’m a bit behind.

This weekend my nephew is coming to visit again. He made his mother promise that he gets to play from sunrise till sunset. I’m not sure that I have the energy to play for that long, but at the very least he’ll have lots of my things to occupy him if I fall asleep at any point. Maybe I’ll break out one of the big sets I’ve had in storage for the last couple of years and put it together. Some of them are too big to do in a day. I guess I’ll just see how things go.

Anyway, if you’d like to support my work the links above are the key to that. I hope your weekend is safe and refreshing. Later taters.


Just like uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility…. So keep that shit to yourself, Peter”
The Zack Snyder’s Jonathon Kent philosophy

Quite – that was the most blatant indication in that movie that Snyder neither likes nor respects the character of Superman.

Dilbert’s Curse of the Competent returns!

And if things get a little rowdy with the nephew, consider a modified hide and seek, in which you both get counts of 200 to start looking.

We had to ban hide-and-seek from our household because the hiding places were getting too dangerous. Clever, though.

I always preferred the method where I would count to 200, then “forget” what I was doing. Always good for at least an hour of quiet time.

What is Reggie’s big plan?

Is he going to patch things up between Alex + Nina?

[That] would be a dramatic story, that would rival Frank Miller’s, “The Dark Knight Returns.”

I can’t wait to see where this story goes. :)

Reggie doesn’t think that far ahead. He doesn’t really even have a concept of their relationship. He’s just trying to fix the thing Maddison likes because he feels a little guilty about not liking her romantically. Also he knows that his sister actually likes her job, even though it’s hard to tell with her.

I love Reggie so much. Perhaps part of it is how cute he is, but he has an extremely compelling character arc to me. You don’t see this very often in a character you’re supposed to root for. Usually it’s like “oh my big character flaw is being stubborn” or “oh, I protect people too much”. Reggie is an asshole. Like its the first impression you get of him in the comic, and he immediately solidifies that impression. But, on following him to meet new people who he knows nothing about, he is perfectly open minded and patient. It very much gives the impression that you get what you give to Reggie. He is a copy machine, you put snark in you get snark back harder. If you give him respect, you get respect back harder. Maddie is a blunt but oblivious girl, it is easy to be annoyed by her. But she never gives him malice, so he never gives it back. Of course he would agree to help her. I love Reggie.

Too bad for Jo, he decided to take “not speaking up for him” as something that was to be against him, instead of the nervousness he already knew about and even accepted kindly, at the time.

The frustrating-ness of that situation makes him a better, more real character, I think, even if it makes it harder to identify with his emotions and actions. Sort of like that TVTropes entry “Reality is Unrealistic”, but backwards, maybe?

That may apply to how they were able to get back on good terms, as well, though another fiction would’ve had a longer monologue exactly explaining how, for example, the emotions transitioned from one to the next.

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