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I love Lego, but my nephew LOVES Lego. He truly creates an infinite canvas of insanity when presented with a pre constructed world to inhabit. When you add in being fueled by cookies for dinner at grandma’s it’s a circus. My avatar was presented with an endless stream of obstacles to overcome for hours. The rules change from second to second, the hit points don’t matter, it’s just a creative bedlam. It’s very amusing to be at the center of this whirlwind of adventures. I hope he maintains that level of imagination. Someday he’ll be able to write some truly entertaining stories.

As a treat he also got to play my Gameboy Advance Pocket for 20 whole minutes. He played Castlevania and the Kirby remake for the GBA. I forget the exact title. It was lucky I happened to open the box it was in the day before because I don’t know for sure where the rest of my GBA games are at the moment. Also I don’t have very many that you can just pick up and play. Most of them require some level of investment. At any rate he had a good time all around.

I need to go through and repair the minecraft stuff because between then getting moved around, and him playing with them, the cohesiveness of the world is frayed at the edges. It has also resulted in several figures being misplaced. which he was super concerned about. Mostly villagers. I know they got moved because of a massacre he played out the time before, but he absolutely wouldn’t believe me. I remember having to pick up all the zombies and villagers though. I guess I didn’t just set them back in the village though. At the moment god only knows where exactly they are.

Anyway, it’s just about time to post, so I’ll remind you that you can support my work via the links above and wish you well until next time.


The Kirby gba remake is likely Nightmare in Dreamland, a remake of the SNES game Kirby’s Adventure.

Yes! That was my first Kirby game too, it’s so good.

The only thing that’s getting me goat is that there’s no such thing as a Gameboy Advance Pocket, only Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Pocket. I’m guessing it’s the former, Gameboy pocket doesn’t play Gameboy Advance games. Either that, or it’s a Gameboy Micro, which is pretty cool and rare to see nowadays. I wonder what Castlevania he played, Aria of Sorrow?

This almost feels like a conversation between the operations manager and myself. I do not like to refer to him as my boss as I do not wish to give him much power over my activities (which has been minimal overall).

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